7 Things That Cost the Same As An iPhone 7 (But Are Way Better)

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The number of the Beast is not 666. It is Seven. Or it might be 719. This is how much a new iPhone 7 Plus will cost you. Seven hundred, and nineteen pounds. That’s a lot of money so you can ring home and make sure your tea is on the table and ready waiting. Or so you can look at pictures of cats doing *hilarious* things.

So what else could you buy with seven hundred and nineteen whole pounds? And how much joy would it bring you in comparison to that cat on the internet.

1. A Whole New Bike

Yes, believe it or not, you can get a bike for the same price as this phone. How about a Commencal Meta HT AM Origin for £699.99?

Escape all that internet meta on this Meta HT AM?

Or maybe a fatbike like this Charge Cooker Maxi 2 for £714.99?

Slim phones? Nah, fat bikes.

With a whole new bike you could have a whole new world of adventures. Like this:

More adventurous than an iPhone 7 perhaps?

2. A Fork Load Of Fun

We’re not talking ordering a takeaway on some fast food app. Nope. We’re talking suspension. You could go for something super plush, like a Rockshox Pike RCT3 27.5inch Boost for £705.

Bounces better than a phone.

3. A Flight To Somewhere Amazeballs

Yes, you could buy your iphone and do selfies of you at your local trail centre. Or you could spend all that money on a flight to New Zealand any take selfies of you shredding those trails you’ve seen in Singletrack Issue 109. Return flights in November are available from around £650.

November in the UK, or NZ?

4. A New Drive Train

Not made the jump to 1x yet? Now is your chance. You can get a whole SRAM X01 Trigger Shift Drive Train for £705. Get out there, pedal, and live – rather than living through your phone.


5. New Wheels

A swanky new phone, or some swanky new wheels? Which is going to put a smile on your face? How about these Mavic Crossmax XL Pros for £675?

Quicker than the latest iOS update.

6. Beautiful Technology

Maybe you want an iPhone 7 because you like its sleek lines. Well how about this then? An Ohlins Racing Enduro Rear Shock for £599.99 – that’s enough money left over to buy yourself a paid of those AirPod earphones which you’ll probably lose, and it’s pretty damn sleek and gorgeous looking.

So lovely, don't you just want to stroke it?
So lovely, don’t you just want to stroke it?

7. An Adventure Wagon

How about a Ford Escort Van for £695? You could tour the country, ride all the trails, and never need a fancy expensive hotel. Just you and your bike, adventurers together, on the open road. OK, so this one looks a little bit battered, and it might break down, but then by the time you’ve dropped your new phone a couple of times and sat on it it’s not going to be looking too lively either. A bit of duct tape and welding and this’ll be good for longer than it takes you to choose a ringtone.

Adventure Wagon
Adventure Wagon

How would you spend £720? On a phone, or on an adventure? On ten things that cost £72? 720 random things from the £1 shop? Let us know your ideas in the comments below. And if you’ve got an iPhone 7, was it worth it?!

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Comments (8)

    All these things are awesome, but…I use my phone for a lot of time every day. I listen to music on it, I make calls, I text, I check social media, I post here, I track my rides, I bank, I pay for stuff, I take pics. So yes, it’s not cheap, but it has many more uses to me than a pair of forks, a drivechain or some wheels.

    Or if you works really hard, you can have all of these things AND a new iPhone 7.

    Remember kids – eat your school, stay in drugs and dont do vegetables.

    “believe it or not, you can get a bike for the same price as this phone”

    I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than £650 (£999-tax on Cyclescheme) for a bike.

    Or you can work quite hard, but also doss about, and get an android phone that can do tons more :p

    One thing an android phone does do better than an iPhone is make you look like a skinflint.

    10 Motorolas, so when I destroy one in the washing machine I’ve still got 9 left.

    Or buy the one off the forum for 400 squid and a set of second hand pikes. Cool on and off the bike. ( I am actually a Samsung skinflint, my A3 2016 does everything a blah blah blah blah)

    Good points Hannah, but you’re forgetting that a van, a bike or a set of forks can’t record to Strava or post your Instabangers. If you don’t social media a ride, did it really happen? ;-)

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