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The Singletrack Euro-Party has been dancing its way among a crowd of shorts-clad people in a huge German aircraft hanger this week, leaving us a little short staffed back here in STHQ.

No. They’re not an underground techno rave. They’re at Eurobike 2016 to bring you all details on what is new for the coming year.

Never-the-less, we have some new arrivals in the lounge that somehow manged to avoid being boxed up, flown to the far side of Germany and zip-tied to a marketing managers concept art installation.


Euro Party JA!
Euro-Party. Wunderbar! It’s like a crap episode of The Inbetweeners 20 years on.

Here is the latest edition of Fresh Goods Friday!

Genesis Core 30


As part of our upcoming review of a selection of hardtails under £1000 (even if it is just one pence!), this 27.5in aluminium offering from Genesis is at the top of that category.


Rockshox Recon TK fork with 120mm of air sprung travel.

shimano deore

Shimano Deore SL-M610 shifters as well as the new hydraulic M425 brakes from the big S.


Shimano Deore 38/24T chainset.


11-36T Shimano cassette with SLX rear derailleur.


Tyre clearance.


27.5in Maxxis Ardent Dual Compound tyres.


All the specs and geometry can be found by clicking here.

Bocadillo Energy Bars/Pieces

energy bars
An alternative source of Colombian energy that goes in your mouth and not up your nose.

After trying out the classic original flavour, Lucho Dillitos has since sent over two new offerings. The coffee and raspberry bars have yet to be nibbled on, but you can see how the first taste test went down on this FB live from earlier in the year:

The uniqueness of these little bars is its 100% natural ingredients. It even comes in leaf packaging. Flavours contain just three ingredients; Guava (75%), sugar (15%) and coffee/raspberry (10%). That’s it.

Nutritionally, each piece claims around 120 calories with 30g of carbs (all sugar), 0.2g of protein and 0g of fat. Although do remember, this is an energy bar after all so don’t be alarmed by the high sugar count; which is not an excuse to tuck into that triple chocolate cake you’ve been staring at in the bakery window all week.


Be sure to keep tabs on the Singletrack Facebook page for when we do run out of coffee and turn to the Bocadillo bars for a sweet caffeine saviour.


Roam Airforce Jacket

madison roam
You want shum?

Designed with cyclists in mind. This waterproof is fully sealed with 10k breathable fabric. The chest pocket is also 100% waterproof for added phone protection. It features an array of pockets with some handy zippers and draw cords.

Showers Pass Refuge Jacket

All the pockets
All the pockets

Claimed to be a “true-do-it-all” jacket, this piece of clothing designed for, well, pretty much anything within reason. It has three layers of fabric and is fully waterproof. The hood is removable and adjustable. There are also reinforced shoulder protection material thingy to help with the load of a heavy backpack.

Schwalbe Thunder Burt 29in Tyres

schwalbeFast rolling light 29in tyres from German Schwalbe.

Skratch Labs Fruit Drops and Hydration Mix

  • Price: £21.95 (Fruit Drops 10 pack), £13.95 (Hydration 1lb bag), £1.50 (Hydration single serving)
  • From: Silverfish

hydration mixEven more energy goodness in this week’s Fresh Goods. Here are some sweet Fruit Drops (for adults, of course…) and a selection of hydration powders.

The Fruit Energy Chews cost £2.50 a bag. They too – like the Bocadillo bars – are made solely from natural ingredients which means they actually contain real fruit. Half a bag of these (the recommended serving) contains 80 calories, 20g of carbs (14g sugars) and 0g of fat and protein.

The Hydration mix comes in a variety of flavours, each packing around 80 calories per serving (25g), 20g of carbs (14g sugars) and 0g of fat and protein. The sodium content is fairly low at 80mg.

Camelbak Crux 3L Reservoir

camelbakChipps checked out this Camelbak bladder at Press Camp earlier in the year.

And that is it for this week. The Euro-Party is yet to leave the continent, although they are expected back on Sunday. You can check out all that has been showcased from this year’s Eurobike event here. But they will be live on Friday afternoon between 4 and 5pm to bring you a special Eurobike edition of Fresh Goods Friday Live via our Facebook page. There may be German beers involved. Don’t miss that!

And while you are here, perhaps you’d like to help us decide if these gloves, spotted at Eurobike are a good thing or not.

In the spirit of all things German and all things techno, here’s an absolute brain frying tune direct from the Berghain; Berlin’s answer to the Neu Messe Friedrichshafen where Eurobike is held. Enjoy… maybe:

(Can’t see the video? Click here)

Auf wiedersehen.

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