The Dogs of Downhill – Fort William 2016

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It’s not just spectators of a human flavour who get to enjoy the madness of a downhill World Cup up at Fort William. Walking the pit lanes and inspecting the track were a host of four legged fans facing a fully fuelled Fort William. We kept our eyes (and cameras) at the ready to get the best of the pooches in attendance. Woof!

Rex…or Elvis – we’re not sure which one.
Look, a puppy!
Track trotting in the sun.
Marching in step

A weekend of blazing sunshine and clear skies (apart from the 7 drops of rain on Friday) were giving both spectators on the mountain and trade folk in the pits wobbly legs and red faces throughout the weekend. But let’s spare a thought for our smaller legged friends, who were marching through the heat, especially those with considerably thicker fur.

‘Stand still laddie!’


We're still not 100% sure on the breed of this one...
We’re still not 100% sure on the breed of this one…
Heat regulating is key…especially when you’re furry and it’s 23°
‘Quick, pose for the team photo’.
‘Can I get Five Ten pit shoes please?’
‘I’m bored, I’m bored, I’m bored, can we leave? Can we?’
Clearly onto the distinct smell of haggis.
A rare denim-hound

As much fun as we had spotting our favourite riders and mountain bike heroes in the crowds of Fort William, catching an oncoming pooch out of the corner of your our eyes, gave us that sense of panic to grab the camera and get shooting. Dog spotting, it’s going to be a big thing this year (we think). You heard it here first.

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