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Morvelo has long been impressive in the world of road biking – their biking shorts, in particular, have merited appreciative nods for their pads and their construction. Their jerseys, too, are finely cut, *very* roadie (by which I mean they’re figure-hugging) with pockets and zips and all the other good things that go with a roadie’s needs.


The MTB jerseys are cut from (ha!) a different cloth, though. They’re made from typical polyester fabrics – the front panels are ‘regular’ polyester, and the two-piece side panels are more perforated (except on the Cube, which most closely resembles a standard t-shirt). They have a v-necked collar, and a nice little wipe on the lower left side of the jersey for your glasses.

Glasses wipe and perforated side panels

The jerseys fit well. They’re a relatively close fit (size up from your normal for bagginess) so there’s no undue flapping, but they’re flattering nevertheless. The arms on the short-sleeve are neither too long nor too short, and if you opt for the long sleeve jersey the arms are commendably long.

Pucker up…

There’s no bare-wrist descending here, which for an orangutang like me makes for a pleasant change. In fact, the only difference between our long-sleeved and short-sleeved tops on test here is the sleeves, as far as I can tell. And the styling, of course – but construction, panel cut and fit are all identical.

He almost disappears – apart from that helmet

Wicking is good, especially in the tops with the perforated side panels, as you’d expect, and they don’t seem to ruck up unduly when used with a backpack. Repeated washings haven’t demonstrated any undue unstitching, and the designs (some are more subtle than others, so there’s plenty of choice) seem hard wearing after several months. Much older Morvélo tops with pristine designs attest to this longevity.


The dri-fit Ts are also as you’d expect. They’re not totally polyester – they still retain around 15% cotton, but they dry 4 times faster than regular cotton T-shirts, they’re a slim-ish fit, so they’re longer than they are wide, and I particularly like the Ramones-esque design. They wash well repeatedly, don’t seem to hum too badly and so far have been great to ride in during long hauls in a variety of temperatures. I took mine to Patagonia, and it was a pleasure to ride in to the point that I forgot I was wearing it, which isn’t always something I can say for other riding T-shirts.


Overall: Morvelo’s MTB jerseys, as well as their technical T’s, echo their road offerings with quality construction and a perfect fit – they’re a great choice. Recommended.

Review Info

Brand: Morvélo
Product: MTB jersey - Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve and Technical T-shirt
From: Morvélo,
Price: SS - £40, LS - £45, T-Shirt - £30
Tested: by Barney, Tom and the Grinder Team for 4 months

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