Transition to composites with Patrol Carbon

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Ready for anything
Ready for anything

Less weight, same strength. That’s the promise of the carbon fibre all-mountain bike- one that Transition promises to deliver on with their new Patrol Carbon. Providing a “crisp and responsive ride with excellent trail feel,” the new composite model uses the same GiddyUp four-bar suspension as its alloy forebearer but shaves 600g (1.3lb) for an impressive 6.5lb medium frame/shock weight.

Bluer than an enduro racer's underpants.
Bluer than an enduro racer’s underpants.

In keeping with current trends, the 155mm frame is “long, low, and slack,” sporting a 583mm top tube (medium) and 65-degree head angle. (Unsagged, the bottom bracket sits at a low-but-manageable 339mm.)  All-day and pack-shunning riders will appreciate the ability to Put A Bottle and Stuff in There- a capacity that’s increasingly overlooked on trail frames. For those about to get rad, Transition supports you, adding an ISCG05 chainguide mount to the mix.

What's black and blue and carbon all over?
What’s black and blue and carbon all over?

Fully-lined Tube Inside Tube System (really, guys?) internal cable routing aims to keep rattles at bay and a BSA threaded bottom bracket is always welcome. A collet-type main pivot should help keep the front of the bike solidly connected to the rear while a 12x142mm Syntace rear axle means that no new wheels or chainrings are required.  The bottom line is a bike that (hyperbole alert) “climbs like an e-bike, and descends like a downhill bike.”

Let's see an e-bike climb like this
Let’s see an e-bike climb like this

The Patrol Carbon is a handsome bike for sure- and low-volume production means that there won’t many at the trailhead. UK pricing runs from £2,600 for a frame and Monarch Plus RC3 rear shock to £6,200 for a quite tasty Fox 36 / XX1/X01 / DT-hubbed build.

And then there’s the simple pleasure of being able to present you with this somewhat amusing video..

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