XSessive? Custom Kids’ 20in Carbon Full-Susser

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The lightest kid’s MTB on the market
The lightest kid’s MTB on the market. Also, BRAAAAP!

Oh, to be a kid again! The long afternoons, responsibilities limited to cleaning your room and dinner plate, and 15lb carbon fibre full-suspension bikes.

Wait, what?

You don’t remember your first CarbonXS?  The one with 65/50mm travel, the 20in deep-section carbon fibre wheels, and an XT rear disc?  The dual-crown fork, carbon saddle, and composite riser bars?  Well, allow us to bring you up to speed…

Actually feeling a little intimidated by these two.
Actually feeling a little intimidated by these two. And they’re nearly a tenth my age

The CarbonXS Mad 6 is an Australian full suspension cross-country race bike, tuned specifically for riders in the neighborhood of 25kg (~4 stone).  More than just aping ‘big kid’ bikes, the Mad 6’s front and rear suspension is said to work properly – smoothing bumps and aiding traction – allowing the youngest members of the family to keep up with siblings and parents on even the toughest trails.

Today we will be learning about sharp edges.
Today we will be learning about sharp edges

CarbonXS’ bolted-together I-beam construction may not be the lightest approach, but it is economical and lends itself to custom geometry.  Similarly, 3D-printed junctions to allow for (what we must assume will be) very low production numbers.  The shock’s titanium spring is custom-wound for CarbonXS and the wheels won’t be found anywhere else. It’s quite something.

XS padded shorts sold separately.
XS padded shorts sold separately

Each bike is hand-built to order and frame geometry is tailored to rider size.  Componentry is a SRAM 9s X0/X9 Grip Shift mix- but XTR upgrades are available. And naturally, it’s not cheap, coming in at an eye-watering AU$ 3,950 (£1,850). While a £2K custom-made kids’ bike may seem excessive, it may actually present today’s best value in a custom-built full-suspension suspension frame.  Shame we’ve already outgrown it.


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