We feel old.

by singletrackjenn 2

How was your weekend’s riding, then? Did it feel pretty good to be out there shredding the gnar, pulling some sick moves and getting rad on the trails? Progressing the sport like the bright young thing that flying down some sweet singletrack makes you feel like you are?

Well, it’s Monday morning now and you can forget all that, because 14-year old Finn Iles is here (or more correctly, in Morzine) to remind you that actually you’re just an average rider, on an average bike, and you will never – ever – be as good as this.

But here’s what makes it worth it: he’s (probably) sat in school right now. Ha! See, being an adult is not so bad…

Kids eh. Who’d have ’em?

Does his mum know he’s doing this?



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  1. He’ll discover girls, stop riding until he’s 40, then will be like the rest of us 🙂

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