Interview: Rowan Sorrell

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The new issue of Singletrack features a behind-the-scenes look at Back On Track, the Welsh trail building company behind such disparate trail delights as Lee Quarry and Bike Park Wales. Now Sim sits down with trail builder extraordinaire Rowan Sorrell to find out if there truly is brass in muck, how to become a trail builder and what the future holds for trail building and riding in the UK. RowanSorrell-6117 ST: So, some of us with long enough memories will remember you as Rowan Sorrell the racer. How did you go from that, to Rowan Sorrell the trail builder?

RS: When I was racing I had to earn some money because racing wasn’t really paying me any money. I guess I’d always enjoyed building tracks, unofficially, tracks that I’d ride. While I was racing I had the opportunity to work on a couple of projects which were in a paid or professional capacity but they were quite spread out at that point in time, I think it must have been about 2004 I started. That was when I first decided that I’d try to do this as a career. I had an opportunity to work on the trails in South Wales, maintenance initially. I set up Back On Track as a company and just responded really to what was going on out there and had different opportunities that came up. Once I’d designed or built a couple of trails that was it really, I knew I really enjoyed it – the challenges of working on different projects. The theory was it would give me a lot of free time to ride my bike [laughs]…

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