Calling all lady riders…

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Ladies! BikePark Wales needs to know what you want...


“A lot of people don’t know that 50% of the founding board of directors at BikePark Wales is female. It has always been an aim of BikePark Wales for us to be as inclusive as possible, welcoming riders from all backgrounds and of all abilities. We’ve been doing some research and looking at our stats and it looks like we need to get more girls on bikes! I (Anna) in particular have set this as a personal goal over the next 12 months. We have just launched our new Women Specific coaching course in Jumps and Drops which we are very excited about, but we want to do more. So what I am asking you today is for ideas to get more girls riding at the park, either new riders or existing riders. It would be great to have more girls riding period, so if you have some ideas please let us know – on Facebook or by emailing

I can’t promise to reply to everyone, but I will take all ideas on board and let you know what we plan to do! Happy Riding!”

Jenn Hill was the deputy editor here at Singletrack up until her untimely death from Lung Cancer in October 2015. She was and remains an inspiration to us all here at Singletrack. Jenn Hill - 1977-2015

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