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Axxis bikes is a new company aiming to emulate the success of other direct-selling manufacturers with its range of Pinion internal gearbox based hardtails.

The Altec 275. I suspect that 275 might be the wheel size…

The gist of their press release is that gearbox bikes are lower maintenance, there’s less to worry about and more to enjoy. Hmm.

The gearboxes themselves are designed and made in Germany, and I suspect Axxis themselves are based in Spain, although a cursory look at their website yielded few clues. It’s also not immediately apparent how one might go about buying an Axxis bike – there’s no online ordering system set up as yet that I could see.

Be that as it may, it’s an interesting idea, and one which perhaps makes even more sense from a wear’n’tear point of view in the soggier northern European climes than it might in more Mediterranean areas.

And personally, I think the CrMo 29er is rather pretty. Nice double toptube…

the CrMo 29.

Anyway. Here’s the press release in all its glory, with some more piccies:

AXXIS, a new choice

Bikes with PINION gearbox to enjoy cycling with low maintenance

Feb 2015.

AXXIS has created a new concept of bikes based on Pinion system and thinking about those who don ́t want to worry about changing gears, and just want to enjoy going out cycling. Integrated gearbox is developed and manufactured in Germany.

The Pinion box has 18 synchronized gears that are driven by a rotary knob located on the right handlebar. This system provides a constant transition between speeds, ranging including 11.5%, ensuring a smooth and fluency pedaling. Moreover, you can change gears with a single spin fist anytime, regardless of the way, up or down where you were.

The speed range and pedaling are wider than in a traditional system because we have a direct transmission.

Also highlights the low maintenance of this system, since the drive is working into a bath of biodegradable oil that only must be changed every 6,200 miles and has a useful life of 37,000 miles.

In the AXXIS catalogue you can find models for marathon and XC with aluminum frames, chrome molybdenum steel or titanium, and 27.5 or 29 inches wheels.

Altec 29er: Alloy frame model, low center of gravity and 100mm. travel fork. It ́s available in two trim levels: Track and Evo.

Altec 27.5: Like her sister has an alloy frame, 100 mm. fork and comes in Track and Evo finishes.

CrMo 29er: The frame is made of chrome molybdenum butted steel and assembles a RockShox Reba 100mm travel.

Ti 29er: This bike has the frame made of titanium and offers the possibility of opening the right seat stay to install a Gates Carbon belt drive.

AXXIS with Pinion gearbox is an alternative absolutely reliable over traditional systems prevailing on the market. In short, it ́s a new election in which the feeling of freedom and enjoy pedaling are its main features.

For more information:

Web page



Altec 29. Lots of standover


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