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Pipedream is pleased to introduce the Skookum 29er and Moxie R631

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 The nice peeps at Pipedream have sent news of two new frames in three frame materials. They’ve got a 29er in 853 and Ti flavour; the Skookum and a hardnut 160mm hardtail; the Moxie built with Reynolds 631

Here’s their words straight from the horse’s mouth keyboard.

 Introducing the all new Pipedream Skookum 29er 853 and Ti and the Pipedream Moxie R631.

Skookum R853 29er
Skookum R853 29er

Pipedream Skookum R853 29er

Price: £395 (Frame)

We’ve compromised nothing on this design and packed it full of features you’re going to love.
We’ve designed this to be the big-wheeled version of our award-winning Sirius. Sharing a number of features from its sibling, the Shookum has sliding dropouts and a new-for-2012 tapered head tube (HT). Sliding dropouts offer more than just the gears/no-gears choice – they allow you to change the length of the chainstays. Our variable CS length allows you to hit your ‘sweet spot’ and tune the wheelbase to your own requirements.
But that’s not all, tucked back there at the drive-side dropout is a coupling for a belt-drive system offering you even more choice.
Other notable features of the Skookum are the tubeset and HT. Reyolds DZB tubing has thicker tube ends which allows us to build an even stronger joint at the head tube. This allows us to dispense with gussets. Furthermore, with the longer down tube found on 29er frames, we’ve used a bigger gauge tube and DZB tubing once again to balance strength, stiffness and ‘feel’. With many folks now realising the benefits of dropper seat posts, we’ve also specified a 30.9mm seat post diameter.
Most folks will happily run this frame with a 80-100mm fork but by using a Reynolds 853 DZB tubeset for our main triangle, this frame has the strength (and geometry) to run a fork up to 120mm for you crazy folk.
Finally, we’ve routed the cables under the BB this time so that a single-speed or internal gear hub set-up gives a clean look to the frame with no redundant stops obviously visible. And no, we’ve had no mud/shifting issues.
Pipedream Skookum Ti
Pipedream Skookum Ti

Pipedream Skookum Ti

Price: £989 (Frame)

It may appear that we’ve entered the field late in the game but our first 29er was built back in 2006. Since then, we’ve followed with great interest 29er development and been messing around with some designs of our own.
We’ve not done anything radical but instead built a ‘sure-footed’ trail bike that will reward you with a sublime Ti ride. This bike loves to be ridden hard and once again, has that “point and pedal” accuracy that you’ve come to expect from Pipedream.
Pipedream Moxie
Pipedream Moxie

Introducing the Moxie – 160mm Hardnut HT.

Price: TBC

It was conceived as a ‘garage project’ – experimental, a Sirius on steroids, a bike we could grab when we wanted to flirt with insanity, yet live to tell the tale.With no plans to build any more than a couple, we took it to the Cycle Show anyway and to our surprise found ourselves listening to the frequent song, “It’s exactly what I’m looking for. When is it available?” Only problem was, the tubing we needed to build the frame to our spec’ was not available – worse still, not even being made – until now.

The build you see is the prototype and has noticeably different tubes and a slacker geometry than its Sirius R853 and Scion R853 siblings and will happily run a 160mm travel fork.

It’s just as capable as our other frames for trail riding but ‘juiced up’ it’s a genuine alternative DH session bike for those days when the uplifts aren’t running. Yes, you can ride this bike uphill without bursting a blood vessel.

The test bike

In order to show off the Moxie’s versatility, we’ve built up a test bike dressed with 160mm travel Marzzochi 55s up front, some lovely Hope AM SP4 hoops (with super grippy Maxxis High Rollers) and finished off with a mix of FSA Gravity components (including a 1 x 9 Gravity MotoX chainset and bashring), it’s ready for insanity!

Using our favourite geometry calculator, the vital statistics read:

Head Tube Angle: 65.75°
Seat Tube Angle: 67.75°
Fork Axle-Crown: 545 mm (static/unsagged)
Top Tube Length (effective): 595 mm
Wheelbase: 1088mm
Chainstay Length: 413 (+16mm, slider)
Seatpost: 30.9mm
Seat Tube Collar: 34.9mm

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