Midweek Mini Movies 117

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Yup, it’s that time of the week, so brew up, tune in and keep an Excel spreadsheet window handy if you aren’t on your lunch break yet – not that we’re suggesting that sort of behaviour.

RedBull Rampage 2012 Teaser

Come the 7th October, the world’s best huckers and shredders are going to gather in Utah to continue the tradition of doing ridiculous stuff on bikes. With 40 riders taking part and names as diverse as downhill star Gee Atherton and dirt jumper Sam Pilgrim all competing for the title, prepare you get out of your mind on sticky drinks and find out what being ‘stoked’ really means.

Mining for Nugs

What do you do with an old mining town when all the nuggets of actual gold are gone? Seek out rich and shining nugs of gnar instead. Puzzled by nugs? It’s a Canadian thing. Mike Hopkins, James Doerfling, Garett Buehler, and Evan Schwartz head to Retallack and get prospecting for gold lines…

Ali’s GETaway

Friend of Singletrack and massively talented trials rider Ali Clarkson went on his holidays for a spot of riding. As is traditional he took a video camera, but decided to forsake the world of infinitely expandable bits’n’bytes filming for the world of analogue. With a few rolls of Kodak Ektachrome 100D and a forty year old GAF 64 R to film it on, it’s a rather dream-like edit…

Fastest bike switch ever?

This is how you change bikes. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Oslomarka Singletrack

Can someone explain how this is fair? The Norwegians had a drier, buffer and more singletrack filled summer than we did. We’d be tempted to move if beer didn’t cost £7 a pint. Anyway, the trails around Oslo look amazing; packing with variety and some nice nadgery sections. Take solace in the fact that they’ll have nothing but snow and hardly any sunlight for the next few months. Ha.

Bring Back X-Ups And Kill The World

We’ve missed the really odd riding videos, so this made us happy. Lots of creative lines, a spot of silliness and more..


UK Bike Skills Blog 16

Tony Doyle has returned to his video blogging after cameraman Stophe broke himself in Chamonix. Here he’s talking through how his kit has got on since that trip and through the end of the summer…

This Is Peaty Episode 5 Trailer

The next episode to be released following one of Sheffield’s fastest sons is a journey through the emotional roller coaster of the World Champs. Steve has always had a love/hate affair with the event since his earliest days on the scene so it should be a good one. The full episode is out on Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled…

Lego Great Ball Contraption

Some people have a lot of time on their hands to do amazing stuff with Lego. We’re thinking industrial process designer is the dayjob…

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week, keep them coming. The email address is newsdesk@singletrackworld.com

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