Singletrack Magazine Issue 76 Digital now live!

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As the paper copy of Singletrack Magazine Issue 76 is starting to land on subscriber doormats across the country, we’ve released the extra-packed digital version of the mag onto the internet for your delectation.

It’s now ready to download from the Mag Archive in a number of formats for pretty much any digital device you may possess. Packed with extra galleries, video and more, the PageFlip and PDF versions also contain the extra special Singletrack Weekender supplement.

Without further ado, here’s Issue 76…

Yorkshire Dales ridge-line weaving, shot by Sam Needham

Download Now!

Subscribers can also download GPX route guide files for the South Downs Way feature and you can check out some extra video of what Chipps got up to when Nigel Page was preparing him for his Downhill Endurance race here.

Not got your subscription yet and worried you’re going to miss out?

If you’d like a print subscription then get yourself over to to make sure that Singletrack lands in a timely fashion on your doormap eight times a year. Your sub will start from issue 77, so if you want a print copy of 76 please visit your local Premier Dealer or our online shop.

If you’d like a digital subscription which gives you access to all 76 issues in the MagArchive as well as exclusive Premier content on, then there’s no time limit – the wonder of the internet is that it’s all there as soon as we’ve activated your subscriber number and digital subs start from just £2 a month.

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Comments (4)

    I got mine through the door this morning, cheers!

    Nice to there’s an article on the South Downs Way. I’ll be attempting the whole lot a week on Sunday.

    Got my copy in the post yesterday. Enjoyed the Quantocks feature. Just ridden there for the first time myself in August!

    Good editorial Chipps! Also love the new format!
    Well done team!!!!

    Look at that gorgeous cover, easily my favourite of the new look mag.

    How about making the covers available as desktop wallpaper? I’d love that as a backdrop to the drudgery..

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