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It’s lunchtime, it’s the middle of the week – so it’s time to make like odd science fiction films and travel without moving, though from your desk rather than an alternate universe. This week we’re trotting across the globe, powered by the mighty wheel…


ELEVATION – Elements of Perfection

The mighty Whistler Bike Park recently introduced a whole new level of alpine-style trails up above the usual runs, in the ‘Peak Zone’. This trail is Called Top Of the World and it looks mighty fine. Whistler is still on the to-do list for most of us in the office – and it’ll have to stay there for another year as the snow begins to fall over there…

Sam Pilgrim at Crankworx Whistler

More Whistler now, with Teva sponsored dirt jumper Sam Pilgrim at Crankworx. Never mind all the insane riding, the most revealing bit is his confession that before a contest he gets so nervous wishes he wasn’t there and that he could “work in an office” instead. So count yourselves lucky eh?

The Way I Roll – Chris Van Dine

Downhill rider Chris Van Dine has been riding mountain bikes since year dot, but despite pro status and racing success, he’s now spending a lot of time in Guatemala where he continues to ride but finds greater satisfaction in helping local development projects than he ever got from racing.

Grande Sassiere (3747m)

We always look forward to a video from Big Col, a British expat living and filming in Germany. We’re so excited that if we didn’t keep our reserve, we might actually get stoked. You can guarantee a couple of things; it’ll be beautifully shot, it’ll feature some extremely steep riding and finally, there will be Euro-hops. Here they’re taking on the Grande Sassiere, one of the highest rideable Alpine summits. The eagle eyed may remember it from the Nukeproof vid the other week…

What Steffi Marth Wants

In this instalment of Dakines ‘What Girls Want’ series takes a look at German rider Steffi Marth. She’s one of the Trek Gravity Girls, racing 4X and downhill as well as the odd spot of enduro. Just what does she want though? She wants to ride her bicycle, what else?

KMT Tour of the Himalayas 2012

You meant have read the news on our site that the Kaghan Memorial Trust race in Pakistan was cancelled due to unrest, but as this video from Euan Adams shows, it’s a massive shame that politics, narrow mindedness and general dickery overshadowed something that would have helped raise money and improve the lives of people in the area.

Norway with the Athertons

It’s Norway or no way as the Atherton clan head to Hafjell. It’s crunch time as Rach sees if she can clinch the series on an all new and super technical track, while Gee fights to take either second or third.

Loam Factory

After one of the silliest street riding intros we’ve seen, we can watch Mike Hopkins (no relation to our Jenn) sink his teeth into delicious, air filled loam. Loam, how we’ve missed you this year.

SK8MAFIA Saturday: September 8th, 2012 – Director’s Cut

Some skateboarding radness now thanks to Mr Matt Letch, who’s currently off Trans-Provencing…

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