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No Jazzy Jeff but plenty of Fresh…

Giro Remedy Carbon Fibre Full Face Helmet

From: Madison
Price: £174.99

This Full facer has 14 large vents, weighs in at  900g and has a natty moto styling with the paint job a matching pattern to the Gold/White Xen design.

Giro DJ Gloves

From: Madison
Price: £29.99

These gloves are “designed to endure the punishment given by dirt jumpers and aggressive trail riders.” The design matches the helmet above and is made from a 4 way stretch material, a clarino palm and a microfibre ‘wiping’ surface.

Shimano AM40 Flat Pedal Shoes
From: Madison
Price: £79.99

Super sticky according to Ed O, they have an armoured lace shield and side panels, sticky Vibram sole and a removable mid sole for tuneable sole stiffness.

Crank Brothers Split QR
From: 2Pure
Price: £37.99

A little bit of bling for the top of your seatube. Review in issue 57, out at the end of the month.

Clif Shot Electrolyte Replacement Drink
From: 2Pure
Price: £14.99 a tub.

Energy drinks are an odd thing, some make you want to guzzle them down in one go and some make you want to wretch. We’ll be interested to see which camp these fall into, lemonade and cranberry flavours sound promising though.

Clif Builder’s Protein Bar
From: 2Pure
Price: £1.99 each

Singletrack Fact: Most energy bars get eaten in the office at deadline time when no-one can be bothered to go and find food. Available in chocolate mint, peanut and plain chocolate we’ll be testing these to the max next week as issue 57 looms onto the horizon.

Suunto t3d

Dave has been very keen to test this Suunto. We blame that Cannondale Rush, ever since he got it he’s been talking about training, doing hill reps and now wants a heart rate monitor. He’ll deny it all of course, but we think we’ve lost him to weightweenie-ness. Come back Dave!

Fenwicks Grease and Cleaner
From: Fenwicks

We’re already busy arguing who is going to be tasked with cleaning the test fleet with these new offerings from Fenwicks. I think Tom de Bruin should do it…

GearUp Off-the-Wall rack
From: Madison
Price: £14.99

Mark has been busy sorting out our bicycle storage problem, ie not enough space for all the bikes we have, by fitting a load of these GearUp Off-The-Wall racks. DH bikes have been banned from being hung on the wall…

DT Swiss Tricon XM1550
From: Madison
Price: £399 (front) £499 (rear)

These wheels have a ton of technology in a lightweight structure, to get the full low-down check out Benji’s report from the DT Swiss camp here.

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