The Drop Off cafe is now mobile...

Drop Off Cafe goes mobile…

Cafe can no longer continue at Glyncorrwg, heads for the open road

December 17th, 10 5,539 Categories: News

Issue 52: 4X Bikes Video

4X full sussers is the theme of the bike test for Singletrack issue 52. We were wondering if they’d be The Perfect Bike for riding modern UK trail centres. So we took them to arguably the swoopiest of trail centres – Brechfa Forest in south Wales. Here’s the resulting video footage.

August 21st, 09 4,152 Categories: The Mag, Video

Brechfa Team Enduro

Teams of two or more riders – as this is a relaxed enduro you can ride with as many of your friends as you like. Teams will be required to ride together to help each other around the course by draughting on the climbs and pacing on the descents. And of course for moral support during those low moments mid way around a ride when you feel wiped out and still have a long way to go.

April 21st, 09 2,171 Categories: News

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