Orange Go At It With Both Barrels

February 18, 2010

Orange have some shocking news this spring*

The Cane Creek Double Barrel supershock is available now on all 224-Evolution, Alpine 160 and Blood models.

The Cane Creek Double Barrel is one of those few components that causes a genuine stir in the mountain bike world. It hasn’t been hit hard with marketing or hype, it’s quietly come onto the scene and blown everything else out of the water. That’s how it works on the bike too, no crazy graphics or showy dials, it quietly gets on with annihilating the trail and every other shock you’ve ever ridden.

The key to the success of the Double Barrel shock is Öhlins’ Twin Tube technology. This system pumps oil through a continuous circuit allowing full control of both rebound and compression movements. Circulating the oil through the valving instead of the main piston allows independent remote adjustment not possible on other shocks. External adjustment eradicates the need for expensive custom tunes and allows easy setup according to track or weather conditions. You no longer need a factory race truck to revalve your shock, you can do it yourself. Öhlins might have made a name for themselves in motorsport, but along with Cane Creek their technology has revolutionised mountain bike suspension setup.

So why upgrade your Orange to the Cane Creek Double Barrel? True versatility. It “seemingly knows what terrain you are riding over and deals with it in stealth mode” (2010 Dirt 100). The movement is stiction free creating a limitless feel to the travel allowing the damping complete control of the shock and creating unbreakable traction on the trail. If you ride flats and continually bounce off the pedals, the Double Barrel will give you more control and let you hit stutter bumps without the fear. “This is one of, if not THE best piece of mountain bike equipment you can buy. It’s impossible to put into words how good this shock is” (Dirt #87).

The Double Barrel is the only upgrade you can buy to push even more out of your Orange frame, only you know if you need that sort of performance…

Spring rates:
We offer three options per model. These have taken into consideration rider weight distribution and preload based on approximately 30% sag at two collar turns.

Availability and pricing:
The Cane Creek Double Barrel is available as an upgrade on all 224-Evolution, Alpine 160 and Blood models.

Upgrade prices:
224-Evolution (to replace Fox DHX RC4) – £250

Alpine 160 (to replace Fox RP23) – £400

Blood (to replace Fox RP23) – £400

Steel spring only.

*Punnage due to excessive amounts of caffeine, sorry.

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