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    I thought lost was awesome first time round. Felt original back then. The conclusion was a bit disappointing as try always are, but I enjoyed the journey immensely. Wouldn’t want to go back ad re-watch – significant amount of time to be sat in front of the telly and bound to not be as good second time around. Don’t recall a Bobby Ewing style ending though.

  • Also ‘it drives like a car’. No it f***ING doesn’t. Or at best, it drives like a really shit car. It’s a van, it’s heavier and taller than a car.

    Yes if f’ing does. I said like…not the same…in that it isn’t the same, but more similar than how you might expect a van to drive. The reality is that the kerb weight of a T5 is about the same as t…[Read more]

  • Residuals on my T5 were great. Not quite paid for itself, but lost very little in the 3 years of ownership. If you’re financing the vehicle then makes sense to pay the VW premium…you’ll always pay the finance off at a quicker rate than the depreciation so you can bail out at any time knowing you’ll cover your finance costs and have something…[Read more]

  • Well a van is a compromise just like any car is. You can sort out wallow suspension. I got a suspension upgrade on mine…lowered by 40mm (nowhere near slammed…just normal car ride height) and stiffened so felt like a big car/SUV to drive and didn’t wallow at all.

    As for DSG…the hesitation is a perception. The reality is it is changing alot…[Read more]

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    Went to Optical Express a few weeks ago. Have a massive range of frames form cheap to a wide range of expensive frames. Do all the usual variety of lenses to address all manner of eye conditions. I just needed reading glasses so doesn’t really matter.

    My wife wore glasses all her life until about 10 years ago when she got her eyes zapped and…[Read more]

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    Old cars are old and often disappointing. My money would go on the Singer Porsche..taking something that was great in its day and modernising it in a thoughtful way so you get the best of both worlds. An Old Aston would be great…once it had been modernised in a similar way. The same goes for E-Types and anything of that era. The Sport Quattro is…[Read more]

  • I wouldn’t embark on the job unless I’d have investigated ad infinitum, and not too proud to get a pro in…but even if I get a pro in I like to have a good idea as to what’s involved so I’m not relying not he pro as too many times you get a pro in and they do a crap job. I drive my wife up the walls…announce I’m going to do something, buy in…[Read more]

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    Daily charging of the Apple Watch is not a chore and probably not necessary for the latest models. My series 2 will last for days if I don’t use it for any activity tracking and if I do I charge it overnight…which is fine and battery life any longer is a bit useless. I don’t sleep with a watch on so instead of placing it the watch on my bedside…[Read more]

  • Mr Ox,

    You’re right and think you’re supporting my view. I think the only slight difference is that in my system the wiring centre is actually a printed circuit board so not possible to do any rewiring of the valves. All the logic is done in the circuitry according to all the input states.

    The PCB has an input side where the HW (from room stat…[Read more]

  • It’s S-Plan and only one zone so only two motorised valves – one for the CH and one for HW. The boiler is downstairs so all the wiring between the wiring centre and boiler and motorised valves and pump is already established so just working on the basis that I leave all that alone and all the Nest is now doing is providing the demand signals for…[Read more]

  • Just pressed the button on a Nest and contemplating installing myself instead of getting a pro in. Seems simple enough in principle, but would like a check on my logic and understanding for those in the know or with experience.

    My entire system is actually controlled by a wiring centre attached to the hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard…[Read more]

  • Caliper wont contribute to braking performance. All it does is clamp the pads onto the disk. The pad doesn’t know or care what caliper is applying the force to it, all it knows is how much force is being applied. In combination with the lever it will affect how the braking feels to the rider who will then interpret in a subjective way if the new…[Read more]

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    I wouldn’t go careering in trying to fix stuff before you know what is wrong. You’ll just end up introducing more problems if you’re not careful. Some thoughtful exploratory work will save a lot of problems down the road. The chances are your rads are balanced in a ‘no sludge’ system. Re-balancing to take into account restrictions due to sludge is…[Read more]

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    Why on earth would you pull a tooth that can be treated? Root canals are routine daily tasks for most dentists and will fix your toothbrush for decades. Teeth don’t grow back (technology to grow teeth back is not likely in our lifetimes).

  • Sounds feasible. Check your downstairs rads…one or maybe all will have a tapping you can connect a hose to and once you’ve shut off all your rads you can open the tap and drain off the water in the pipes. Just remember to close it off afterwards and before you start to refill the system.

  • Most things are in metric these days. I’m ambidextrous on it and just prefer imperial in some things and metric in others just because it’s the way I’ve been brought up and just used to certain order of magnitude of numbers for certain things.

    Aviation is mostly metric now but there are imperial hangovers for certain things. fittings are still…[Read more]

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    I know this has been said before, but if linkage forks are better than telescopic ones why is it that no MotoGP or top motocross race bikes use them?

    Because humans. We’re the weakest link in the chain. Replace humans with robots and linkage forks would be in MotoGP and lap times would be dropping like a stone i’m sure. It’s not a good design…[Read more]

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    England has a population over ten times that of Scotland and isn’t that much bigger and when you fly over England it is sparsely populated…unspoiled countryside as far as the eye can see mostly – something like only 5% of the land is built on. Scotland is even more sparsely populated and even less developed (3.6% of the land is built on…[Read more]

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    If they were working before then check your circulation pump and motorised valve to make sure they are functioning properly. Your pump might be running but not working effectively which is why some rads are getting warm and others aren’t. I had an issue with my pump last winter and as the pump was making a noise I assumed it was working fine, but…[Read more]

  • The nicest ski jackets I’ve seen amongst my skiing posse are the Norwegian brand Tensor and Arcteryx. Neither are cheap. Not been impressed with Spyder stuff or my dads Schoefell jacket, which worked well but was a bit flimsy and didn’t last very long.

    But beware..all brands have their good stuff and their cheap stuff sold at premium prices for…[Read more]

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