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    Another vote for something similar to the Bell at Aldworth, but with a touch of the Black Horse just down the road in Checkendon and maybe my newest discovery the Duke of Cumberland Arms in Henley (not on Thames).

    I love a good pub garden to be honest. Inside stone flags, good sized bar, but minimal stools as they are often the haunt of weirdos.…[Read more]

  • Have a 2019 version which is basically the same although new ones got a wee bit steeper seat tube and a tiny but slacker? Absolulute beast of a bike when you want it to be, but also surprisingly normal feeling if your not feeling it. It is NOT light though, and if your lighter it might feel feel a but big?

    If the Solaris had been released when…[Read more]

  • Fairlight Secan as a dream gravel/road bike all in one. Just lovely looking machines. Or possibly a Flare Max to complement the BFe I already have.

  • Hargroves in Chi is still open. Was the Riders Guild that shut. I’m gonna have to go check out that Barnham shop as I work nearby.
    Whereabouts are you OP? I’m in Portsmouth for part time Uni a fair bit and still fairly new to the area so exploring. Although the chalk is like a greased otter in a condom right now.

  • Bike U Like down in Southsea are pretty good, although mostly touring and gravel specialists I think. Hargroves in Chichester are good as well. Massive shame the Riders Guild shut down as that was a top notch shop.

  • Santa Cruz Heckler. Was my treat for first proper job out of university. Pretty top spec for the time. Was great fun on xc and twisty single-track but on the steeper jumpy stuff i wanted to progress on, it just felt super short tall and nervous.

    After a few years of trying to fix it with a coil shock, bigger forks etc I have up and sold it to a…[Read more]

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    We stayed in the Apple Hostel and they were super helpful and friendly so maybe message them on FB or Instagram? If your stuck PM me as I have a friend at the American university there who is heavily involved in the outdoors society and seems to no everybody and everything.

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    What’s the red like in person? I love a red bike and I know cotic have form with good reds (the first 26 ain’t dead BFe frame was amazing) but less sure about the red dwarf.

  • Miss Millie’s is a blast from the past. Many happy memories of dirty chicken on the way back to the Stoke Bishop halls. I’m a fan of the cheese bean melts at Greggs myself or the classic sausage roll.

    Not sure five guys belongs here, but too actually nice, same vein as the mission burrito or if in Bromley Benitos hat.

    Mmm burritos

  • Parkway Drive are pretty awesome. The Sword, Red Fang, And bizarrely its a yes to Babymetal as well.

  • Probably a 2nd hand Giant. Everyone in Perth seemed to ride either a Giant or a Santa Cruz. I don’t think there’s an equivalent to the likes of Calibre. You can get Reid outside of Victoria so maybe worth a look.