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    No, forgetting to put the blade/paddle back in!

    @coppice – just the basic wholemeal recipe – for a large loaf: teaspoon of yeast; 18oz flour; tablespoon of sugar; pinch of salt; 1oz butter; 350ml of water (in that order)

  • Took me a while to work out what bits of track you were referring to, I’ve only ridden in the area once so it was all a bit new.

    We rode the Wild about Argyll route around there which is roughly your route in reverse. We were on rigid 29ers. The path past Carrick Castle is fine, there’s one or two bits where you’ll be walking in either direction…[Read more]

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    I wouldn’t say arm and knee/leg warmers are roadie stuff, they are just very useful cycling kit.

    A couple of buffs, overshoes, spare gloves.

    If you’ve driven to your ride then a full set of warm clothes back at the car ready to change into when you finish. On a similar note, something warm and/or windproof to put on when you stop or need to fix…[Read more]

  • A couple of e-bike related incidents from this weekend’s riding in the Dales.

    On Saturday morning I went for a quick blast on my own. Heading back across one particular boggy section of moor I met a walker. “Oh, how do you like the e-bike?” he asks. “Eh?” Then I realise he’s mistaken my frame bag for a battery! (I did think cheeky bu*****! TBH)…[Read more]

  • I remembered that I’d posted my kit list before. It’s near the end of this thread:

    Help with lowest bike packing gear ratios for bikepacking

  • The bits where a rigid 29er would be totally out of its depth are mostly the same as if you were on any other bike. The sections as shown in metalheart’s photo are as awkward on a FS as on a rigid. Against that there are long sections of rolling estate track where a rigid 29er will just eat up the miles and leave the FS behind.

    The best bit on a…[Read more]

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    I’d second (third/fourth or whatever we’ve got to) the Western Isles and back via Skye and Mallaig “loop”.

    We got the train to Oban, ferry out to Barra, B&B near the Eriskay ferry. Up the Uists and Benbecula to another B&B. Ferry over to Harris, up to Tarbert and ferry over to Skye, B&B in Portree. Down to Armadale, avoided most of the frankly…[Read more]

  • Evans do carry a few bikepacking style bags but there’s no guarantee that any given shop will have what you want/need.

    It’s one of those things that’s hard to make recommendations because every frame is different and we each have different demands of what we want the kit to do. When we started bikepacking (though we’d done similar before and just…[Read more]

  • If you are close to one of the Alpkit shops then you could pop in and try one for size.

    What are you looking to put in the frame bag? IME even the larger partial frame bags don’t hold quite as much as you think you should be able to get in them. It helps if you are very good at packing but it’s still not a lot. If the bag bulges too much then you…[Read more]

  • Where’s that Martinhutch?

    Looks like the top bit of Stockdale Lane.

    Martin – did you know that there’s a move to upgrade the footpath between Langber Lane and Otterburn to BW? There’s a form to fill out to demonstrate your usage.

  • A lovely day out today – Feizor, Wharfe, Sulber Nick, Calf Holes, down to Horton and back to Feizor. Obviously stopped at Elaine’s Tea Rooms for refreshments.

  • A gravel bike would be fine for most of the route apart from:

    The singletrack beside Loch an Dun
    The section from the bridge over the Nethy over Bynack Mor to the Fords of A’an over the Lairig an Laoigh down to Glen Derry.
    The section from the Red House to the bothy in Glen Feshie.
    The section from the Geldie Burn to the head of Glen Tilt
    The bit…[Read more]

  • I’ve bent a hanger precisely once and have yet to break a derailleur, that’s with around 6000km of off-road riding a year. A stick or stone being thrown up and messing things up is just one of those things and is simply chance.

    I’ve known (i.e. not “heard of”) two Alfine hubs break, one was mine, so they aren’t invincible.

    The “new” Shimano…[Read more]

  • A t-shirt with “I broke rule #1” on the front.

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    I think this is the current version of what we have – PANASONIC SD-ZB2502BXC Fruit & Nut Breadmaker. I think I paid £75 for ours but given it was over ten years ago it’s about right in price. For most of those ten years we’ve made three loaves a week so that’s approaching 1500 loaves which comes out at about 5p per loaf.

    I have had a couple of…[Read more]

  • whitestone replied to the topic Bread makers in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    We’ve a Panasonic, had it about ten years now so the model number probably isn’t relevant. Panasonic do seem to be the ones that get recommended most often.

    Like most consumer goods these days it has a vast array of options and we’ll use two or three. It does mean that I know the quantities of ingredients for our usual loaf so it takes all of…[Read more]

  • Did a short easy ride this morning: from Threshfield up and over to the bottom of Mastiles, up Mastiles over to Weets top, down to Winterburn and back to Threshfield. About 3 or 4C with a cool easterly. Main problem was the centimetre or so of gloop on top of a firm sub-layer that made traction interesting in parts.

  • Not used either of the plans you’ve mentioned but TrainerRoad have some freely available strength training plans (well basic guides on what you need to do) https://www.youtube.com/trainerroad, there’s also a thread or two on their forums at https://forum.trainerroad.com/ but can’t find it at the moment – search (it works properly) for “gym” or…[Read more]

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    @whitestone..you mentioned the Oregon in a thread of mine recently.

    Do you have it mounted to your handlebars?

    Yes. Garmin do a bike mount for the Dakota/Oregon/Montana series. It’s not as good as the Edge type mounts – I’ve found that you need to wrap a bit of old inner tube around the bars before mounting it using the supplied zip ties. With…[Read more]

  • It’s worth remembering that the named climbs/passes only account for about half the total climbing on the route so don’t assume that the rest of the route is flat. This is The Lakes: even the downhills are uphill!

    As for my steel commuter/winter bike with 35c tyres being as fast as my carbon road bike on 25c? Err, nope!

    I’d definitely use SPD…[Read more]

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