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    On the Canford front, I’ve had one for several years and inspite of the cost to value ratio I still love it.

    It does weigh a fair bit though.

    I’m not in any way delicate with watches either, so it’s probably more me than them. That being said, I’ve trashed 2 leather straps (retainer band for the strap tail snapping off on both). I’ve had 2 of…[Read more]

  • We’re in 2000

    There’s a lovely boulangerie in 1950 if you are are the hunt for fresh baked goods. And there is a little lift between the 2 villages that runs till late should you end up in the ‘Irish’ pub in 1950 as well. As for the button, you will likely be able to get straight onto the piste from most of 2000 as it’s all purpose built.…[Read more]

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    Not a chance I’m giving the Sun youtube channel any of my viewing time, irrespective of the content!

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    Suitable thread resurrection, nice to see an update from an original contributor, sounds like you are being hard on yourself twowheels, if you can bench 70kg for reps, you can do 75 for one I’m sure! Deads might be more of a stretch to bump to 150 and a 1:45 plank is diminishing returns to get to 2 surely (it’s bad for you after a certain point…[Read more]

  • So excited I could poo.

    I’d suggest doing this before you ride, always harder with the pipes fully loaded!

    Which one of the Arc’s are you in again Jim? I can recommend the cafe at the bottom of Arcabulle (the bubble as we call it) although I’ve avoided the lavish seafood platters in the past!

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    Friday 13th I would say is not usually a bad day, cos it’s a Friday, this year it will be marred with election results and if polls are anything to go by it’s going to be a good day to get drunk!

    Monday 13th on the other hand can do one! Mondays are the day stuff goes wrong, not Fridays!

    Best of luck with the move though πŸ™‚

  • It does rather beg the question, how are you doing all this currently?

    Google office, it’s a poor imitation of MS Office for sure.

    Fixing those things is a cultural issue, not a tool.

    A wise statement indeed.

    Thanks for all the comments folks, it’s all useful stuff to take into the process of deciding not just what we chose, but also…[Read more]

  • It’s true, I’m no BA. I’m not 100% sure of the problem I’m trying to solve to be honest. One problem is that things in documents aren’t easily discoverable (google drive search is ok-ish if you know exactly what you are looking for), mentally to me google drive is like a metal filing cabinet, things are in there, but lost unless they are stored in…[Read more]

  • Thanks, I’m a fan of confluence if used (by the people who need to contribute to it) properly.

    Teams is probably too MS for here, we don’t even have any windows machines (all linux and Mac).

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    Ghost ship, Infinite session and Nanny state/Punk AF are my personal preferences from this list. If you thought Bud was ok though I’m not sure there is much cross over in our tastes!

  • Thanks oldnpastit – Box is exactly what I am looking to avoid, git is widely used here too, but not everyone is has a git ‘seat’ and I want this to be available to all.

  • Given the demographic, could you please tell me what you use, what works and doesn’t work for you. Including horror stories (I’ve used both yammer and facebook at work in the past). Doesn’t have to be the specific tool, just an idea of what are good features and bad features.

    We use slack, but it’s too temporal and not a knowledge base. We use…[Read more]

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    Thought I picked a playlist without it, apparently not. I’m officially out πŸ™

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    I watched Game changers recently, I felt it was a very male attempt at converting males to veganism. Overtly so, it’ll make you strong, fast, give you more erections. It felt a bit like a party political broadcast on behalf of someone.

    Interesting, in some respects, but hardly the be all and end all of the debate.

    For reference I’m following…[Read more]

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    Watched Office Christmas Party last night, not as bad as it sounds, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Anniston and TJ Miller as main characters, plus lots of US comics as support. To be honest it wasn’t even that Christmassy.

    Rare Exports is fun too.

  • Should I surprise my wife with an exercise bike for Christmas?

    Are your wardrobes full already?

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    If you want to simplify the initial whetstone practice there are angle guides. I’m not great at it, but can go from a blade not able to pierce the skin of a tomato to slicing with no pressure after a few goes with the stone (rough side then smooth).

  • York over Leeds any day of the week

    In fairness I could take or leave a lot of Leeds, but I did rather enjoy the refectory one stupidly hot summer evening this year.

    York is lovely too though.

    Personally give me a comfy seat and decent supply of beer close to my bed on New Years and I’m happy.

  • Leeds, Northern Monk, job done!

  • Spending NYE in a refugee at 7’500feet should be pretty cool

    Figuratively and literally! Enjoy!

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