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    Is no one else going to pick Perchy up on the humble brag? I don’t even have enough rooms to host 8 TV’s!

    As for a TV in bedroom, not since I lived at home with my folks. Since being a grown up I’ve not had a need to watch TV in bed and with no kids it’s only my wife I need to agree on content with and she likes what I like most of the time too.

  • typical skier

    I must therefore be an a-typical skier, as it doesn’t sound reasonable to me.

  • 40 year bloke





  • Montec, Planks, Dope

    Planks have been around for a while and kist seems pretty decent if a little dull (design-wise) at times.
    Montec looked good on people wearing it around Meribel last month, no idea on actual quality but looked nice.
    Dope saw a few people fully kited out in it in Meribel too, noticeably they were always in a bar and always…[Read more]

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    should be relatively easy

    HAh! Your strength to weight and my strength to weight ratio are clearly not all that similar!

    I’ve been wanting to get to pull up strength for a while now, but not really focussed on it, just been building strength in the gym. I was at a bouldering wall recently and used the warm up chin up bar and made a whole pull…[Read more]

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    TV series are made by TV studios, which will keep commissioning a show for more series until ratings drop, cos they only care about money. If writers get fed up with this, they leave or are fired and are replaced.

    I’ve recently started series 14 of Supernatural where even the writers joke about the longevity of it. It’s been silly for ages, but…[Read more]

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    I still haven’t forgiven Lost for the ending, it went from strong to written into a corner and needing to back out of it weakly hoping no one notices, rubbish!

  • Flair Pro 2

    Seriously though, it seems overkill, then you use it and you know why it’s worth putting a bit of time into your coffee, needs a decent grinder (with an ‘e’) too of course. People think it’s silly taking time over making an espresso, then they drink it and realise it’s worth it 🙂 It’s not for everyone though, I appreciate others have their own tastes.

  • Buy a flair and take it with you, or just check out James Hoffman’s video on making the best french press coffee 🙂

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    I’ve noticed a surprising lack of posts from the Cap recently, just looked at his profile and there’s roughly 1 month old post and the post prior to that is a month before. Is there a paperclip sales forum keeping him away from here? Have the ads finally gotten to him? Or, has he been squirreled away in the Alps skiing for the last month?

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    I watched the Documentary “Mountain” on Netflix, it was pretty, but I’m not really sure what the point was, it’s a mish-mash of some clips you’ve seen elsewhere from Redbull videos with some Everest footage and some words with nice music. It’s ok, but it was more a collection of visuals than a documentary!

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    She cant even think of anything to rhyme with guy

    How was your song writing at 17? Appreciate you may not have had a record deal then, but if you did would you have been at your best or would a few years of experience helped?

    I don’t really have an opinion, she makes pop music, I’m not really a pop fan. People in the music industry seem to…[Read more]

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    At that price, why not pick up an Aventage range Yamaha amp (I have one) sound quality is great surround performance is great and it’s already done over 6 months happily of daily use?

  • but importantly, not roast.

    Use an oven? Then it’s not a roast chicken, it’s baked! Use flame, i.e. cook over wood? Then it’s roast.


    And yes, I do actually light the bbq (charcoal) and cook the chicken outdoors even in winter, last used Sunday for some tandoori chicken for a curry even in the wind.

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    Fusalp - full tango!

  • toby1 replied to the topic Name me some posh skiwear brands in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    I’m imagining the current Orange range from Fusalp (saw a women in the full matching kit one day in Meribel o_O).

    Menswear not so sure, if you just want it for walking the dog waterproof and insulated anything will be reasonable I’d say. My personal preference is Picture 🙂

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    The second series is somewhat a disappointment… like so many things they are milking it to death

    Really? I thought the opening up of the characters was good, the script still decent and all the other things there are to love about it were still there too?

    Was wondering what it was actually like, might give it a go. Maybe with my two t…

    [Read more]

  • Definitely time for it to move on, stupid storm!

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    @dooosuk I suspect it’s the system (an ancient back boiler and an immersion heater). I have the dual hive, but have only ever (even before the hive) to have heating and hot water, or hot water only via a manual switch in the airing cupboard. It’s possible hive can bypass this, I just don’t know how to engineer it without paying someone. To be…[Read more]

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    Breeze is like having an extra player for Scotland against the kicks and for England on the line outs!

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