• I used to see a bunch of kids fairly regularly in the FOD late 90s, on old MTBs that they’d welded moped rear wheel and motor-swingarm assemblies onto.

    I think that’s pretty cool. With ingenuity like that, there should be some reward in technical off-road.

    Whenever I see someone on an electric bike I always think “great to see someone on a bike”.

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    It’s the rule of road cycing. It’s actually quite hard to replace all the calories you burn,
    Not for me 🙁🙁

    I drink less than five units a week. I think alcohol is a huge hidden caloric intake, particularly after our Tuesday night club ride. Currently on 250-300km/week/ When it goes up to 400/week the carb cupboard gets raided at every opp…[Read more]

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    Sidi Diablo. Wore mine for three and a half hours last night with toasty toes. I wear long merino socks over bib tights to keep the calves. Warm it really helps

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    I analysed that data. Don’t get too excited about the order of the wheels. Basically deeper is more aero, but Variability was such that precise order on a class can’t be calculated. That’s it. I like HED for the alloy rim braking. But Hunt have a good reputation.

  • Redshift is a thudbuster knock off. Presumably because the patent has expired. Thudbuster has the years of development and customer support. Very popular on tandems. Curiously Refshift deleted my Facebook comment about Thudbuster patent from their post.

    Worry less about set back and more about stiction.

    Good luck with the op

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    Had two, one in a modern house which we installed, and one in out current Victorian house which we did not. I would definitely add at least one Dormer window. The increase in useable space cannot be over-stated. And it’s a nice place for a desk. Always add it to the back/side of the house.

    What’s the pitch on the roof? If it’s too low, you will…[Read more]

  • TiRed replied to the topic Weight loss and cycling in the forum Bike Forum 1 day ago

    If you ride a bike you will lose weight. It’s the rule of road cycing. It’s actually quite hard to replace all the calories you burn, so your body has reset to a new equilibrium. I burned 2500 calories last night on a ride. I need to eat 10 days of food a week. I’m 11 stone and 5’11.

  • Fair enough! I was wondering if there was some actual advantage to it with the wheels in undisturbed airflow or they allowed for micro naps whilst pedaling in a 24h TT!

    No they are a lot less aero with two extra wheels out the back. Mine has three HED3’s, and I’d like to get as aero as I can on my TT bike, within reason, then my power (210W) for…[Read more]

  • Seems as good a place to ask as any, but why is 3-wheeled TTing a thing?

    Trikes have a long and venerable history in cycling and racing. They require handling skills that defy conventional bike riding. And errrr because you can#. When racing to age standards, a tricycle gets you an additional 20 year handicap. So I’m racing as a 72 year o…[Read more]

  • 260 miles on three wheels in 12 hours. There. I’ve said it. That won’t make it any easier though.

  • nowhere near as nice as Fizik, but fizik are nowhere near the same shape as my feet unfortunately which was a very expensive mistake.

    Made the same mistake. Shimano are a bit wide for my feet, Giro laces fit me best. For a gym bike, I’d look at Shimano SPD options. It will make walking around the gym a lot easier. Wattbikes typically have SPD…[Read more]

  • 1) Shoes too tight? If your blood can’t get in then they’ll stay cold.
    2) Legs insulated? If your blood gets cold on the way to your feet you’ll have cold feet regardless. Knee length Sealskins made a huge difference to me, and I’m not even a sufferer really.

    This – your shoes/boots are too tight. My winter boots are a size larger than my shoes.…[Read more]

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    We ran a Giant XS ladies Talon for my 10 yo. Very hard to find in that size. Black with pink accents which he really liked. Great bike. Sold it to a work colleague who absolutely loves it. That 10yo is now six foot and 85 kilos.

    I’d look for a good quality used HT

  • THere is a male version of mumsnet

  • If he can try on a few shoe brands then used is a surprisingly good source of spd boots. Bought three pairs – two Shimano for off road and one Sidi for on road. Too big isn’t so bad as thick socks are a staple for winter.

    If all else fails try a track sampler at LVV

  • Left two wheels at Haldon car park and drove 160 miles home. Never saw them again, despite my sister heading back, calls to the centre and cafe etc…

    And it was a Hope hub with Stand rim on one 🙁

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    might need a small tweak in the adjustment. You need to enter the adjustment mode to set in, I think 0.25 mm jumps. A bit like tuning the cable tension when you change wheels as the sprokets may not perfectly align.

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    Nice. Having just bought a beautiful set of 7700 10 speed wheels for £150 off the bay, I’d have said go there. Now look for a matching shifter!

  • No – and in truth I was surprised to put down than many watts ay that speed. Probably as one extension was loose so I never felt like going for teh aero crouch! I’m also a bit of a spinner though – which is one reason I raced a season on a compact and a tight rear block.

  • I’d be surprised if you’d find much of anyone pedalling when they have hit 40mph

    Be surprised

    Lokk at power for speed.

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