• When my alternator went it would either produce a voltage spike, or short out entirely at random, the engine still ran but the speedo would reed zero until you turned the ignition off and on again). They might not all fail the same but I think you’d notice more weirdness if it was doing anything other than failing to charge.

    The other two points…[Read more]

  • Or…

    Wipe chain after ride (mainly to dry it a bit).

    Re-apply lube of choice.

    Wipe again to remove excess if necessary.

    Point hosepipe at drivechain for a few seconds,

    Go indoors for a cup of tea.

    repeat until putoline eventually washes off in a few weeks.

  • via the magical medium of a tiny kettle bell

    Tiny cow bell.

    Kettle bells are those things you use at the gym.

  • Even if I have an EV and charge it at home I can’t rely on an EV car for emergency response which all my colleagues are on as we have to go to a wide range of places sometimes a fair way away. We simply can’t be waiting an hour for a battery charge when we are heading out to an incident.

    And your niche occasional use is relavent to the OP’s 12…[Read more]

  • So it takes 80% charge in less than 10 minutes?

    If you’re drinking from a polabear killing thin non-recyclable paper cup that results in cold coffee in 10 minutes, no.

    But the current model 3 will do it in 20-30 minutes.

    And there’s already batteries in development that will halve/quater that time…[Read more]

  • But where the Tesla and Ioniq need about 25kWh of electricity to do 100 miles, the Jaguar iPace needs 44kWh. It’s just a really inefficientmuch bigger car.

  • I think the charging issue is a big one. Cars need to be able to charge a lot faster and more readily than they do now.did 5-10 years ago

    With the newest car’s we’re talking 80% charge quicker than you can drink a cup of hot coffee or make an incorrect statement on STW.

    I think he has a real point about the speed/range issue. Why make them…

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  • I got a elite novo from halfords.
    £180 plus british cycling discount made it quite cheep at the time.

    How recently? I noticed the T&C’s exclude it from sale or in-store promtion items. Which is basically everything. Quite fancy a Drivo, but 10% might be enough to tempt me Vs maybe wait another winter and see what’s on sale.

  • A scratch you can fill it with nail varnish to stop it damaging the seal, if it’s worn down the stanchion due to a lack of oil then it’s new stanchion time. Depending on age it’s probably cheaper to find a set on ebay in need of a damper or with some other damage and make one good pair form those.

  • Also read a few things that elites are a bit inaccurate with regards to power readings?

    All wheel on trainers are notoriously inaccurate. As long as it’s consistent then that’s all that really matters. Until ‘smart’ trainers came along fluid used to be considered best as it was quietest, but the resistance drops as it warms up, so now most…[Read more]

  • There’s also various loop bars (risers, drops and swept Jones style ) which actually weigh less than a lot of luggage options, then just strap a ~7l on top and underneath.

  • There’s two broad churches of project management, AMP and Prince2. The latter was developed by the civil service so tends to be more commonplace in organisations like the NHS, but obviously spread beyond that.

    I did the 1 week APM course, the course itself is straightforward enough, if you can remember some definitions and processes then it’s…[Read more]

  • thisisnotaspoon replied to the topic Small Front Lights in the forum Bike Forum 11 hours ago

    For commuting? Get a STVZO one, lezyne and cateye both do them now.

  • Looking at the current data and modelling, I think we are going to be testing that hypothesis fairly soon.

    It’s insane when you contextualize the area currently ‘locked down’. They’ve done the equivalent of banning the population of the UK south of Liverpool* from driving and stopped public transport.

    *guesstimate, it’s over half the…[Read more]

  • thisisnotaspoon replied to the topic Putoline question in the forum Bike Forum 12 hours ago

    Ive bought the Putolene. Ive bought the DFF from Argos.
    Once i have immersed the chain, do i just pull it out and leave it to drip by hanging up? Or do i run a scraper down the chain to reclaim some more lube for the DFF?

    I shake it in the basket to remove most of the excess, then flick it over to shake it off the other side.

    Pick it out with…[Read more]

  • thisisnotaspoon replied to the topic Putoline question in the forum Bike Forum 12 hours ago

    But some does stick to the chain somewhat as in the pics – will it just gently wash off with a hose without removing the putoline?

    Pretty much. Hose pipe, maybe agitate the cassette with a brush. But I don’t specifically wash it. Just leave it be. If you look at AdamT’s pic, that’s pretty much how it stays (although I’d say he’s left more on t…[Read more]

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    I wonder if that stunt had been set up for other broadcasters too as it seemed like a lot of effort and expense.

    I was pondering that, but then Top Gear has a big budget and a few tens of thousands of pounds for ~ 10 of minutes of prime time TV isn’t all that much really. Especially when you consider how much it costs to just film them doing…[Read more]

  • …until the bike is ridden on rural roads and forest tracks.

    Yea, but it’s undeniable that a 2″ tyre is slower than a 40mm tyre, is slower than a 30mm tyre up until the point where you start having to chicken out and slow down.

    And IME by the point you get to 2″ tyres drop bars stop making much sense except in very niche applications. You’re n…[Read more]

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    where’s that estuary crossing?'53.0%22N+1%C2%B014'38.0%22E

    Horsey Island, Essex.

  • thisisnotaspoon replied to the topic eBay offers in the forum Chat Forum 15 hours ago

    As above, let it run. the only way you would lose out is if the offer was so good you doubt someone would match it. i.e. the bidder bids that figure but no one else gets close so the auction doesn’t go up.

    Occasionally I send a genuine offer for something I genuinely need in a hurry e.g. It’s miles away and I happen to be driving past the next…[Read more]

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