• I’d return it, but any troubleshooting you have to go through first will ask if you have factory reset it, so you might as well try it even if you don’t suspect it will fix it. As long as it’s backed up properly a factory reset should be zero hassle as everything should be backed up and restored, just make sure backup is up to date first, although…[Read more]

  • Sonos have botched the announcement of this for sure. So much confusion and misinformation, seems to be people (not necessarily here) that are convinced their devices are going to be bricked, which is total nonsense. They have also now stated in response to some of the criticism that they are working on a way to separate out systems so your newer…[Read more]

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    I assume the spacer stays fixed and moves within the collar of the bracket?


  • All the good bikes in the house are kept in a proper Asgard secure shed, up to now the kids ones have been in the house but as they (and their bikes) get bigger, I need to shift them somewhere else. Other than selling one of mine to make space, I need some more storage for 2 kids bikes, and possibly my commuter.

    I don’t want to shell out on…[Read more]

  • My wife and kids are desperate for a skiing holiday. Due to various knee and hip issues I’ll struggle to join them with any skiing or boarding, at best I might manage a day or two over the course of a week. I don’t fancy putting a stop to the whole holiday idea, nor do I really want to spend a week kicking my heels while they ski. I read that some…[Read more]

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  • Ikea, with deeper worktops from worktop express so you can route the services behind.

    We did exactly this. Fitter moaned a bit about the “quality”, in reality I just think he couldn’t be arsed with building them, even though he was paid for it!
    We got a pantry cupboard fitted with Howdens, quality was crap compared to the IKEA stuff and the…[Read more]

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    Anyone with experience of the Decathlon stunt ones? My 6 year old is keen on one in addition to his 3 wheeler Micro, I’m not convinced he’ll get as much use of it as the thinks, so a £40 Decathlon number looks pretty tempting. Are the decent?

  • Another for the Exposure Link here, though if I was buying again I might go for the Link+ and get the better battery life, I have found the Link to be relatively short and although the usb charging makes it easy at work, I’ve several other things vying for charging space so would like to have to do it less frequently.

  • 3 & 5 for ours, probably wouldn’t have got so young but we had a 6 week, 4k mile road trip over the summer and felt that we were likely to want them as an option to entertain the kids.

    They use them pretty regularly at home, mainly instead of watching TV but for very short periods at a time. We only have one TV in the house and the kids rarely…[Read more]

  • I don’t follow the trans rights movement closely, does anyone know if there is unity of opinion behind McKinnon’s stance or do some others see her as counter-productive to the cause?

    I don’t follow it so can’t claim there to be unity, but from what I can see from those I know/am connected to, her behaviour seems to be viewed as counter productive.