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  • swedishmatt replied to the topic BT headphones. Sony VS Bose in the forum Chat Forum 4 days ago

    I’ve got the Bose 700 a few months back.

    Perfect for taking calls (I use them as my work head phones for blocking out people and also for confernece calls)

    They are connected to both my PC and phone at the same time so I play music from my phone and I don’t have to switch any settings for when taking calls.

    They are great for airplane trips.…[Read more]

  • It hive mind

    What are good options to manage a knowledge database with 700 odd articles with 50 users.

    Currently hosted on a old SharePoint purely as a document library with a few sub folders. Current format is 20-70 page long word documents

    Use case; detailing validation , process and data entry instructions for SAP HR

    Current options so…[Read more]

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    First off, anyone who installed a Nest thermostat themselves have my deepest and utmost respect.

    I have two: one for downstairs (also controls the hot water and one for upstairs only. Needs two to manage the two zones plus hot water.

    Well worth the money from a “simple to change the heating schedule” and turn on off remotely.

  • I’ve got two camelbak forge. One insulated and one not.

    They don’t leak when drinking (ever) but as there is no lock on the lever that releases the plug it can mean if you leave it in a bag and it falls over the lever can get pressed. Not an issue if you have a bag with good bottle storage but I’ve spilled inside a random backpack when the bag…[Read more]

  • First tip is a physio or sports massage person (qualified). Or get a foam roller and roll outside and front side/inner of your thigh. Knee pain often relates to your thigh muscles. Tennis ball can work too ofc.

    Or it could just be bruised ligament (or worse but it didn’t sound like you properly banged it?) and then foam rolling won’t help.

    Best…[Read more]

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    Somnoguard mouthpiece , the really expensive one for about 150 quid.

    British snoring website sells them.

  • Just don’t call the fountain on the lake a fountain. They’re touchy about it.

  • I’d get a Google nest outdoor iq 4k thing personally. I’ve got some very basic Amazon dericam ones which do the job from a deterrent POV. I doubt I’ll ever be able to identify anyone from the feed in a lineup.

  • Or get a drying cabinet ! Just to be different . I want one. 700 quid or so though so fails on the price point….

  • I’m giving it a go, will read up on the science somewhat more but I thought it was excellent. Purely doing it from a health point of view – less inflammatory and less plaque in arteries sounds a winner. First day since forever where I’ve not had meat once in a day. Veggie lunch and dinner, Quorn mince is awesome and i love meat mince.

    Having my…[Read more]

  • My lower backpain was caused by (couldn’t move for a week) causing issues all my life

    1. Different leg length
    2. Flatish foot arch right foot

    Hellish lower back pain , sciatica type pain

    Triggered by:
    1. Inside leg muscle being used lifting a low weight

    Fixed by:
    * Insert on one side
    * 10 physio sessions
    * Daily ridiculous…[Read more]

  • Grahamt1980 yes!
    The country I chose to move to in 2004 is really not the country I thought it was. Quite disheartening. I imagine it feels worse if you’re actually born here.

    Ireland or Scotland (if they separate from the UK). Or Australia or Canada I guess. I could in theory move to the US with work but not entirely sure.

    Back to Sweden…[Read more]

  • I don’t have flat feet but I do have insoles .

    Altra = Superwide toebox. I don’t know if that helps our not.