• Can’t remember who I heard interviewed about this recently (either a WorldTour rider or mechanic) and they said that the occasional failure of electronic shifting is far outweighed by the day-to-day reliability.

    I guess when you’re putting 20-30 hours a week into a bike, the cables will need replacing a lot.

  • WRT returns a few folk (sportpursuit springs to mind) let you generate a QR code that you take to the Post Office for them to print the label. I think wiggle do something similar with ASDA as the label printers. Works well and reduces the number of labels going to landfill.

  • I used to have a dedicated turbo bike when I had a wheel-on turbo – just changed saddle height between me and wife.

    Now we have a wheel-on we just swap our road bikes – actually less faff than adjusting the fixed bike. I prefer having my actual road bike so I have the exact same geometry, etc.

    I drape a towel on the bike to deal with sweat and…[Read more]

  • OP – have you tried Synergy in Auchterarder for LBS stuff? Mostly road & gravel stuff there, but their service is really good.

    I use them most of the time nowadays.

  • If you can stomach the cost then a goretex shakedry jacket will sort you out. I’ve had one for a couple of years now and it still beads. Was out in ‘basically swimming’ weather for a few hours last week and was completely dry on my top half.

    As for the washing waterproofs thing, it’s unlikely to be the actual surfactant component of the laundry…[Read more]