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    The hedge is over 30m long and between 1-2 m deep. At the level I want to cut it to there are lots of “knuckles” from which smaller branches have developed after years of pruning to roughly the same height.

    I have corded and cordless hedge trimmers, loppers and a couple of good size Silky saws so all the right kit to do the job more con…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the feedback all. Sounds like it might be a worthwhile investment.

    The hedge in question is 6’ high and I want to cut up to 1’ off the top before growing season kicks in and the birds start nesting. It’ll be done standing on the drive.

    As far as heading into the woods it’s for clearing trails rather than felling trees. I’ve do…[Read more]

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    I’m after a bit of advice on battery chainsaws.

    I’ve got hedge to cut back before the leaves start to bud and reckon it’d be a lot easier with a chainsaw than a combination of hedge trimmer, loppers and saw. It’s a job to do every few years so not regular use.

    As I’d also have a use for a chainsaw for a bit of trail maintenance I was wondering…[Read more]

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    130mm 29er Revelation with a 35mm OneUp stem. The bike is set up 27.5”+.

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    I had exactly this when I built up my Large a few weeks ago. I had 800mm bars and copped them down to 780mm and so far so good, quite a surprise as I didn’t think such a small tweak could really make a difference.

  • My 14 year old daughter gets £8/wk based on slits of small chores around the house plus her phone credit.
    She’s then able to earn a separate payment for each time she walks the dogs (usually daily) so £40 ish a month seems fair.

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    B1 Reverb. 31.6mm, 125mm drop, 390mm long, external routing, left hand under bar button. New in the box with bleed kit and all other bits and bobs. I bought this…

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  • the00 and timc, thanks. Looking at another picture I’ve found the XL doesn’t look as big as I imagined, will keep it on the (very) shortlist.

  • Anyone else like the00 riding an XL?

    I’ll be ordering a new frame to swap the 27.5+ parts from my carbon hardtail.

    I’m 6’1” and undecided between the L or XL. The large is comparable to the current bike but I also have an XL BTR Pinner which fits well.

    I’m concerned that the XL is quite tall and I don’t want a gate.

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    Analogue all the way. It’s how I was encouraged to learn the time and applies to my kids now.

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