• Its not chainline…bad chainline may cause a noisy drivetrain but it doesn’t cause slipping. It will cause SKIPPING gears on a geared bike, on a singlespeed the chain would just come off. And then the OP would be asking why his chain keeps falling off.

    My money is on the drivetrain is more worn than the OP realised, easiest fix is to jut put…[Read more]

  • Our civic has a metal skid plate set into the undertray, just a few screws to remove it. The van is just 4 bolts to remove the centre section of the undertray. I thought most cars would be relatively simple to access the sump once you’ve raised the car?

    Regarding the oil filter and bits in the sump…if heavy particles stay in the sump that is…[Read more]

  • Obviously it’s better for heavy solids such as metal to sit on the bottom of the oil pan rather than clog up the filter. The oil pickup will be designed to not collect crap.

    That Lidl pump…

    0.2 litre per minute flow rate.
    Max operating time of 30 minutes.

    So my Civic would take 30 minutes to pump the oil out, and it would need time to cool…[Read more]

  • spooky_b329 replied to the topic Opticians. All the same? in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    At Specsavers I normally get a lens upgrade for free rather than s second pair (at 3.75 thin and light lenses make a big difference) Otherwise you find your comfy light frames turning into chunky heavy uncomfortable glasses when they fit your lenses!

    Interestingly, the first Specsavers I was at for years always said my prescription wasn’t bad…[Read more]

  • I prefer the old fashioned way… Oil flows out fast so more likely to clear crud from the sump, you can check the magnetic sump plug for metal bits, and as above, normally the filter will leak oil down the block.

    I’ve dumped the oil drain pan and now use a 20l oil tub with the side cut out. It’s much cleaner as you can still pour it out via the…[Read more]

  • So what I found was my vision would be OK but as soon as my eyes started to dry (car air con, wind during riding) the lenses would rotate slightly. I could correct it by nudging them back but incredibly annoying. They can order them in different axis to account for your eyes but if they do not return to the correct orientation that’s when you…[Read more]

  • rockandrollmark – I’m about 3.75 and strong astigmatism. There was some trial and error with different brands but once that was sorted I get on fine with contact lenses for riding. I had some that would rotate slightly and cause bad vision.

    I went to Optimax for laser and they wanted me to proceed, then tried a posher place that trade on…[Read more]

  • spooky_b329 replied to the topic Kinetics Bearing Toolkit in the forum Bike Forum 4 days ago

    Hi all

    Thanks for the advice. Once I knuckled down and wrote down all the stuff I know I’ll need I realised that I don’t need that big of a selection, so the universal press kit was a bit overkill and also wouldn’t cater for hub bearings over an axle from what I could work out.

    A bearingprotools.com bearing press with drifts for 2437 and 6805…[Read more]

  • spooky_b329 replied to the topic Kinetics Bearing Toolkit in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    The taped up bit is a spark plug socket and some washers.

    I’ve gone through all my hubs etc and I don’t think I need that wide a range of bearing presses, but annoyingly most of my BBs (BB92, Hope Stainless, Problem Solvers PF30) seem to take a 24x37x7 bearing, and the RRP doesn’t have a kit to fit that. I could use the 6805 one backwards to…[Read more]

  • I’ve got a 9 piece blind bearing removal slide hammer kit and a bearing press kit in my ebay basket for £100, but I really like the look of the Kinetics kit that has been out of stock for some time as its the only ‘non-bashing’ removal method I’ve seen.


    I can’t…[Read more]

  • Any reason you are not considering the MWB? Its only 450mm longer and you’d never notice whilst driving, the only reason I can see is if you can’t fit it on your drive.

  • If your bikes are not mega expensive, I’d be tempted to put a tubular steel roof rack on that cab, and build up the sides so its not obviously you have bikes up there. Lock them and throw a good heavy tarp over the rack. Its not uncommon to see overlanders with bikes on top and they will not be as tempting compared to a low rack on the back of…[Read more]

  • You have to take the caps off. And yes, you get more usable amps. 225ahr down to 80% gives you 180 amps before needing to charge (it will take a bit longer to charge but bulk charging is quick, its the final 20% that takes ages unless you have a smart battery to battery charger).

    Two 110v leisure batteries as a comparison would be 220ahr,…[Read more]

  • I believe you can drop one load rating if you have all-season or winter tyres, so if you get all terrains with a snowflake symbol they can be an H. Check this yourself on Google as its been a while since I checked.

  • IHN, I would consider a 100 or 200w semi flexible panel that can be glued or bolted to the roof. Follows the shape of the roof and very low profile, the great thing about solar is its always trickle charging when its bright weather (doesn’t need direct sun)…a briefcase one needs setting up so you are losing all the advantages of a constant…[Read more]

  • RE: charging from solar and alternator at the same time, it shouldn’t matter.

    Be careful with homebrew solutions, if you take the example of a flat leisure battery and then starting the van, you have a fresh starter battery that is primed to dump 80 amps or more into the leisure battery via the easiest route. If it finds an unsuitable route, at…[Read more]

  • I have the Trojan T105s, they do need the odd water top up although I suspect this is also due to having a B2B charger and solar which presumably works them harder. Also as they are so heavy, its a huge bonus to be able to visually check them without disconnecting and removing them, although you could you probably mark a dip stick to keep an eye…[Read more]

  • Best long term defence is to grow a spiky hedge along the fence!

  • 6v golf cart batteries in series. 80% discharge and real deep cycle.

  • Thanks guys, I’m glad I asked now as I was expecting everyone to say go for the flying lap. It says the BMX is an hour but no info about the MTB taster, I will ring them again but is the MTB time limited? I’m not sure if the bike hire is included or extra…I think most of us would be using public transport so the preference would be to hire.

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