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    Now you are riding on them, quickly progress to riding off them and then back on. Then perfect dropping off the rollers and track standing on the frame.

    I got bored of mine very quickly 🙂 and they ruined my wife’s tyres. Should sell really!

  • It’s old skool but lovely and creamy and crunchy and tomatoey, and easy.


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    I have a really old Chromebook, its over 5 years old and is basically a glorified web browser, it cannot install apps like the newer models.

    Its amazing…does everything I originally needed, the only reason I still have a PC is that I wanted to do basic photo correction, and edit video. I bought a fairly expensive laptop last year and the…[Read more]

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    Is there a way to test/determine if solder is lead free? I’ve got a big coil of unidentified stuff (too thin for my liking). It’s old but couldn’t say if 10 or 20 years.

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    Second votes for the aforementioned SampsonBoatCo Tally Ho project and Beard Brothers.

    Ed Pratt Unicycling around the world is good.

    Finnegans Garage is a good watch for some US style car projects/silly roadtrips and drag racing.

    Another geeky boat renovation is Sail Life in Denmark. Some of the farmer stuff can be interested, Tom Pemberton is…[Read more]

  • Forget the cowl, it’ll be condensation.
    I’ve seen it plenty, even with kiln dried fuel.

    I burn seasoned but not kiln dried. My flue goes through the register plate and then opens to normal chimney. I think I have drops of water come down the flue once in five years and that was after a huge storm, my cowl is similar to the picture earlier. I’v…[Read more]

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    Are you sure its set up perfectly? Hanger straight, B limit screw correct, upper and lower limit screws? (correctly set, not ‘looks ok’.

    Also the chain could have stiff or spread links, especially after the first incident. Is the chain long enough at full compression?

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    From an idea, not experience. Drill out tap handle to a larger size. Fill tap handle with sugru or that 2 part repair filler/putty you can buy in halfords. Install gently on tap, remove and let it set. Re-install.

  • thisisnotaspoon, I think another name for it is an air admittance valve thing. You seem to see them sometimes on the waste near the urinals for some reason! Lets air in, doesn’t let air/smells out. I suspect the fall on your pipe is poor so the water fills the pipe, and then drains, sucking the water out of the U bend under the sink. Air…[Read more]

  • I was riding for the 2nd exit of a large roundabout that was the perfect width for a car and bike to ride safely side by side. A car overtook me and then started to leave at the first exit. I was by his rear door and my mate ahead was level with his front wing. I shouted and then realising he was going to just push me out of the way and run…[Read more]

  • I’ve switched to orange endurance, some of my bikes are used irregularly and when it goes off it tends to leave a stretchy film over the tyre that still helps seal thorns etc, whereas Stans just crusts over and you end up with a big growth attached to the tyre doing nothing.

  • I found just pointing the beam in the drivers window was normally enough to catch their attention and not pull out

    I think this was a reason I bounced off a car a few years ago. It was dark, raining, horrible. A car came up to a T junction and I looked at them briefly with my helmet light to ensure they saw me. I had a normal light on bike as…[Read more]

  • I don’t know how there are not more accidents. It scares me the amount of times I’m waiting at a roundabout or T junction in a large van and people turning left will check its clear as they come up behind me, drive down my left side and pull straight out with no though whatsoever for cyclists riding in front of me (or peds), and no time for a…[Read more]

  • I don’t think you need an airgap under the boards, just under the roof. The legs seem expensive but for the ease of install compared to installing long lengths of extra joists to raise the floor its worth it. From memory I think they are designed for 600mm spaced rafters so if you have 400mm rafters, you get less coverage per pack. So I…[Read more]

  • I would try and get foam insulation board into the remaining area, you may find this part of the ceiling is more prone to mildew if its cooler and attracts any sort of condensation.

  • Need to think outside the box, lose all the standard cubby holes and go custom. Do you need a bench seat… if you are happy sitting in the front swivels that gives you various options…higher bed completely suspended from the walls means you could store bikes in a bike bag under the bed accessible from the rear, along with boxes of shoes,…[Read more]

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    I know it’s meant to be a dig describing these as shit gas pipe frames, but the big dog sticker says it’s triple butted on the image (impossible to read on mobile as the images won’t zoom but I saw it last week on the laptop) One of the other frames was the same… this is crap…but the sticker suggested otherwise.

    So, are the main tubes…[Read more]

  • The expense of building it has been mentioned, but back in the days when labourers and their kids had to do a full days work for a loaf of bread it would be mainly material costs I guess? Not like modern times where many builders will earn as much as their ‘professional’ clients working in the City!

  • Fine line between making sure someone is safe and stalking them while they’re enjoying themselves IMHO. Its for my wife’s reassurance as much as mine. She’d much prefer me or someone else to be there at the same time but its not practical.

    It wouldn’t alert the authorities, only nominated contacts, which could be anyone i.e. me, the yard o…[Read more]

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    can be quite distracting as i almost rode into the back of a parked car whilst staring in to the sky!!

    We were cycling in the middle of no-where in France and a display team started flying ahead of us, not sure if they were practising or over a hidden village/town. Great display but it was quite worrying that the cars behind us would see cycling…[Read more]

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