• New (to us) house renovation is presenting it’s first wormhole. My wife has requested a ‘quick’ job in our playroom (strip wallpaper, paint and some LVT on the floor). Of course, being a 100 year old house, things have snowballed slightly to include replastering, new floor and radiator.

    Carpet and underlay are both up, but it appears that the f…[Read more]

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    We use BoilerJuice as well – they have a helpful graph to show current prices. You can try phoning around suppliers but I suspect they use the same graphs when quoting prices as they are always almost identical.

    A helpful tip – try to give as much notice as possible, and don’t leave it until your oil watchman gets down to 1 before ordering. D…[Read more]

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    @garage-dweller – the new house is just outside Grundisburgh, 10 mins from my folks in Woodbridge and 20 from my sister’s farm in Fram. We will hopefully be working in Ipswich – likely at a site either east or west of the town. Seems like a perfect time – our son can start in the village school in September and we don’t have any other ties to thi…[Read more]

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    I walked away from the organisation for whom I’ve worked for the last 16 and a bit years, and now have six weeks off (during which time we are moving house from Hampshire to Suffolk, from a 3 bed semi to a 5 bed detached house for the same money) before we start with a brand new job and a brand new life in the countryside – closer to my family, c…[Read more]

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    Or you could just get on with, work, play, cycle and look after your family whilst being as philanthropic as you can without carrying a depression around in your head that you can have little impact upon.

    The one thing about these threads I find very sad is how angry or depressed people get over politics, many of which they cannot influence.…

    [Read more]

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    Excellent news to wake up to. Perhaps we can now leave the EU (there was a referendum, remember) and devote some parliamentary time to dealing with other matters that have been neglected over the last four years.

    The only disappointment was that the Abbotasaurus is still an MP. Would anyone here give someone a job if they turned up to an…[Read more]

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    Lots of idiots at work are voting Con.

    Please don’t call people idiots just because they have a different view of the world.

  • I would be extremely reluctant to disclose my (very boring) medical records. What good can you imagine will come out of this? The cynic in me says they will use it against you.

  • @big_scott_nanny – I’m looking at a Mauler as well – do you mind me asking where you bought it from? Loads of places seem to do a LiPo upgrade which seems sensible – has yours got a brushed or brushless motor?

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    Similar boat here, but we are moving next week – my last day with my current employer (after 17 years) is Friday 13th.

    We are slightly nervous as our house sale completes on Tuesday, but we haven’t exchanged on our purchase yet. Thankfully that house is empty, and the contracts are on my desk waiting for the Solicitors to open, but even so it…[Read more]

  • Thanks to all the contributors above for your inspirational stories – you have convinced me to really push for a reduction in hours when I land with my new employer in February.

  • 2014 Passat Alltrack here, bought at 55k and now on 95k. It has only had routine servicing and a few consumables, although there is a suspension clunk that manifests on our bumpy drive.

    I did have an engine management light that VW diagnosed as an EGR and wanted £1200 to fix, but it has since gone away and hasn’t returned.

    Excellent car, and I…[Read more]

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    Heavy Sonos users here – we have managed to acquire 7x Play1s, 2x Play3s and a Playbar over the years, normally when they are reduced or found second hand (including the Play3s and a Soundbar for £300 once…!)

    They run most of the day with background music, and occasionally something louder for specific listening. Love them, they just work and…[Read more]

  • As per the title, I’m considering a jump onto the eBike bandwagon. Looking for a hybrid-style machine for commuting / school runs / days out with the nippers on the back.

    I can get a reasonable discount on a Vado locally, and I’ve test ridden one a few times and like the bike. I’m just concerned about reliability.

    Has anyone had good or bad…[Read more]

  • We built a large garden room a few years ago, that is classed as a conservatory from a planning and Regs point of view but has a solid, well insulated roof. It has a CH-linked rad (and woodburner – this is STW after all) and no doors into the house, both meaning that it should have Regs approval. House has been surveyed for purchase twice, and…[Read more]

  • @thegreatape – thanks mate, I didn’t hear that update. Some common sense prevails…

  • Utter political BS.

    It has taken the IPOC THREE YEARS to get to a charging decision, during which time the Officer’s life will have been on hold. Now they have been Remanded in Custody awaiting trial – despite the legal presumption against bail in such cases, this is surely an exceptional case. The IPOC are desperate to stick us on at any…[Read more]

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    My god – I hired a cherry picker once and thought I’d take it up to full height to take some pick of the house. Horrid thing – couldn’t get above about seven metres as it was wobbling and bouncing all over the place…

  • I bought a previous-generation Macbook as they were just making the change from screws and pins to glue and solder. Very helpful when I changed to a SSD and replaced the battery.

    Best fixing ‘win’ was sending a second hand DeLonghi coffee machine for repair, getting quoted over £200 for the fix, declining and asking for it to be sent back for a…[Read more]

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    Great news mBoy – what is the role?

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