• Funnily enough, I’m pondering the same decision, although have also thrown a Bronson and a Stage 5 into a shortlist of 4.

    Used to love single pivots, but have had a 3rd gen Tallboy for the past 3 years and can’t fault it, other than I now live somewhere rockier than I did when I bought it, so I want a little more grrrr! I see that I can get a…[Read more]

  • sheck replied to the topic New frame geometry question in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    The new frame has a 2 degree steeper seat tube angle. 77 vs 75

    I think this is they key change in mtb geo… I have no idea whether, with my hips in a totally different position whether I’ll mind a much shorter cockpit

  • sheck replied to the topic New frame geometry question in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    I have the same query… if I were to replace my bike (which fits well) with something else with the same reach, everything has both a shorter stem and a shorter effective top tube. Could compensate 1-2 cm with bars and saddle rails, but for seated climbing I can’t see how the cockpit won’t shrink around an inch? Don’t yet know whether it matte…[Read more]

  • I have a soft spot for Salsa having had a Vaya, Elma and a Spearfish in my time… in fact the Spearfish remains the quickest point to point bike I’ve ever owned and I wish I still owned it…

    However, their range seems to have polarised to either niche/special interest a la Cutthroat / Blackborow, or entry level stuff like this?

  • sheck replied to the topic Summer holiday in the Ardeche? in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    Was there for the Canicule in July… best road ride of the year!

    I pedalled out of St Martin D’Ardeche at 0630 up <span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”>to Pont D’Arc for a coffee…</span>

    I didn’t see a single car the whole way there… <span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”>a few hares and goats while the sun rose over my right shoulde…[Read more]

  • My bike takes both 29 and 27+ wheels. I have a nice set of wheels for both sizes. With big, grippy 29er tyres 2.5 DHRs, I find the 29 too much like hard work. With similarly grippy 27+ tyres (2.8” Magic Marys) the bike is much easier to ride. I think some of it is down the the quicker acceleration of the smaller wheel, and I am definitely c…[Read more]

  • sheck replied to the topic Think I want a mk1 hightower in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    I have a Tallboy 3, which gets ridden at least once a week all year round.

    It’s now nearly 3 years old and I’m still on the original bearings, which I’m reluctant to change as they’ve been so good!

    Funnily enough, since moving somewhere rockier I am beginning to think a Hightower 2 might be better for me (in the very unlikely circums…[Read more]

  • Not sure it involved much thinking!

  • I inadvertently did what you’re consciously considering when I moved my family from SE commuter-land to the Quantocks

    I think there was a perception that I wasn’t as committed as I once was – which was probably true, in as much as I didn’t want to go above and beyond to the extent that I had. Unfortunately, the leadership where I was worki…[Read more]

  • Been there…

    Do (unlike me) prepare to wait a day or 2 extra to fit an Invisiframe kit to protect that beautiful sparkly paint!

  • The only bad injury I’ve had carving was wearing Kevlar gloves… not sure if it was purely an accident that would have happened anyway or a more relaxed attitude on my part, but hand slipped and the point of the knife went through glove and into and through my hand between thumb and index finger. Luckily it was clean and slid straight through w…[Read more]

  • sheck replied to the topic What's your winter strategy? in the forum Bike Forum 2 months ago

    Was doing OK for the first 2 months of winter! but failed to get out this weekend… worked out a fire road loop based 1.5 hour MTB loop from back door with 500m climbing. Doing this twice per week, with 1 turbo session and (aspirationally) 1 long road/frozen off road ride at the weekend is the plan

  • sheck replied to the topic Di2 Question (Road) in the forum Bike Forum 3 months ago

    Thanks for the news that it over shifts and then comes back… that explained the ticking and encouraged me to keep trying… a bit of perseverance and we got there

  • sheck replied to the topic Di2 Question (Road) in the forum Bike Forum 3 months ago

    I don’t have a hanger tool….

    if I can’t resolve, I’ll have to find an LBS, just don’t have a go to one here in Somerset since a Ralph Colman shut down

  • sheck replied to the topic Di2 Question (Road) in the forum Bike Forum 3 months ago

    Nope, tried that

    Something else going on… hence the ticking

  • sheck started the topic Di2 Question (Road) in the forum Bike Forum 3 months ago

    I have a weird issue with my Ultegra 11s setup, which until now has been faultless

    Shifting into the easiest gear, the mech engages the biggest sprocket, but it makes a ticking noise for 6 or 7 seconds, after which it drops back onto the next sprocket down.

    I have set the limit screws, and am sure the mech hanger is fine. The ticking noise makes…[Read more]

  • sheck replied to the topic Biased Broadcasting Corporation in the forum Chat Forum 3 months ago

    Whatever the motive, I find this particular “mistake” staggering

    Did make me think of their recent drama The Capture too

  • sheck replied to the topic Have Plus Bikes Died a Death ? in the forum Bike Forum 3 months ago

    Conversely, I run plus wheels on my Mtb, and it always feels easier to me than 29ers… more grip down (at my average skill level) and quicker accelerating up… I think I probably also prefer the lower BB?

  • sheck replied to the topic Solaris MAX in the forum Bike Forum 3 months ago

    On my Sherpa (not quite the same I know) I run a salsa cro-moto grande, with a 29+ front end, to both make up for the slightly shorter a-c and to give a bit of cush to the front end

    I had <span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”>forgotten how much I like to climb stood up, hauling on the bars and have been impressed by what I can ride it down, albeit a…[Read more]

  • sheck replied to the topic Nicest steel ride? in the forum Bike Forum 3 months ago

    My Salsa El Mariachi had a better ‘feel’ than the Soul/Solaris that preceded it and the Sherpa that followed. Not to say it’s a better bike… the Sherpa’s versatility probably nudges it ahead, but on the right day, in the right mood, on the right trail, the Salsa was a joy

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