• scu98rkr replied to the topic 16 year old son smoking weed in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    As a father of 2 little ones, I have to say this thread is very scary in someways.
    In how little I relate to any of it !

    All this about wanting not being able to stop him taking drugs, there always going to dabble as a teenager, wanting to rebel against parents etc means nothing to me.

    Its not that I was nt angry as a teenager. I there were…[Read more]

  • “Why do people have to be so horrible….. ?”

    I dunno if you want a real answer, but I’ve seen similar behaviour and believe it is caused by a mixture of paranoia, fear and disappointment with life.

    Probably linked to an poor ability to effectively plan for the future leading to a belief that everything will turn out well, this then conflicts w…[Read more]

  • scu98rkr replied to the topic Dahon Curl or Brompton? in the forum Bike Forum 2 months ago

    I’ve got a 20″ folder it is good to ride.

    Ridden 35 miles home on it a couple of time when the train has broken.

    When I’ve ridden 16″ folders they have felt horrible in comparison
    BUT i guess you’d get used to that ?

    But Im not sure I’d recommend a 20″ folder. The main purpose of a folder is to fold small. The 20″ is pretty big.

    Since I’ve…[Read more]