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    Can anyone direct me to the appropriate iPhone app that works with the i3

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    Was looking at the i3 at a dealer at the weekend…

    They had a very nice met grey one – 18 plate, REX
    But the salesman reckoned £400 “road tax” as classed as hybrid and >£40000 list price.

    If true, that must make the range extender version unsellable????

  • I’ve got a Dagger Axiom that I use in the manner you describe…

    Yes, it gives a good workout on flat water 😉 and will randomly spin off course after 20 or so strong strokes – but I can easily keep up with my wife + daughter in their Tarpon tandem SOT, or with my wife if she’s in the sea kayak.

    I’m 6’3 and 100ish kg so have the Axiom 9.0 – p…[Read more]

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    Shocked by some of the mpg / range figures for VW T5 owners on here…!

    Obviously depends on mix of roads and driving style, but I’d be cheesed off with <700 miles from a tank… and yes, £100 is about the cost for filling the van 🙁

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    Bit blowy in the SW… put some extra ropes on the boat before high spring tide, although the wind has now dropped a bit

  • Cheers All – more replies than I expected…!

    Feels like it’s not really an option for work – price, lottery re sleep etc.

    Will keep an open mind though

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    Does a 3-year old Alfa count???

  • Pre- brexit etc, I didn’t realise the royals etc were such a big thing…?

    Seems a significant part of the UK pop are still into all that stuff… Genuinely baffling

    They seem ok etc, but not sure I get the whole thing, especially the faux tabloid outrage…?!

    Get a grip would be my thoughts

  • Was at the local station recently, Stupid O’Clock in the morning, early train for a work meeting…

    On one of the other platforms was a sleeper train going the other way

    – firstly, I didn’t realise these things still existed;
    – secondly, are they any good? Cheaper than travelling day before + overnight? Enough sleep to be functioning in a nex…[Read more]

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    I didn’t notice the “circle game” gesture during the show…

    … but the whole family, including teenage offspring where dumbfounded by the audience make-up…

    Our kids experience from school, work, college etc was that no way the audience represented the balance of views amongst their age group (pro Brexit, Pro-Tory, right wing youth e…[Read more]

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    Looking at possible replacements for a slightly small and now quite shonky Rockhopper…

    Any thoughts re Pitch vs RH???

    other alternatives in similar price / performance bands? Use – commutes, singletrack, xc oriented trail riding