• RicB replied to the topic Greggs Concierge in the forum Chat Forum 6 hours ago

    Our local Greggs sells off a lot of the food plus a hot drink for £1 in the last hour of business. The idea being for people to buy this for the homeless in a city centre.

    As above, they don’t make a song and dance about it, which is always impressive in today’s awful social media era.

  • RicB replied to the topic Warning: E13 rear hubs in the forum Bike Forum 23 hours ago

    They’re a bit rubbish aren’t they

    I had similar problems with the axle coming loose. Taking the rear bolt-thru axle out to remove the back wheel seems to unscrew the hub axle. I sorted it with a load of loctite.

    Sealing doesn’t seem toooo bad, bearings in mine have lasted 2 years with only one seal-off n regrease.

  • RicB replied to the topic I have manflu in the forum Chat Forum 1 day ago

    Spiking a temp at 40deg and in bed for 2 days = proper flu

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    We have a tv in the bedroom but rarely switch it on. Mainly because most tv is terrible and we can watch stuff on phones to avoid keeping the other awake.

  • I wasn’t in the least bit interested until I watched the program about the previous fight last night- now I’m very, very tempted to stay up!

    Used to watch a lot of boxing years ago; Bruno, Holyfield,Tyson and then Naseem. Then just lost interest, mainly because everything was on at 3am

    I think Fury will win

  • RicB replied to the topic What pads for Guide RS? in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    Rahox are the best pads I’ve ever used (currently running Guide RS) but stock availability is hit and miss

    I tried Bird Bikes own-brand (made by Fibrax I think) last time and have been very impressed. Not quite as good as Rahox but not much in it

  • RicB replied to the topic Upgrading road discs in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    I’m actually selling 2 brand new post mount br-r785 hydraulic callipers with hoses on eBay at the moment…..they’re the road version of the equivalent mtb post mount callipers.

    Can you drop me a PM with some details please?

  • RicB replied to the topic Upgrading road discs in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    Thanks all – sounds like there isn’t a massive amount of difference between cable and hydro discs when both new and setup well but hydros maintain their performance much longer, whereas cable performance drops off without regular maintenance.

    Really? Just buy yourself tape without glue, with silicone strip instead. I was re-taping my…

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  • RicB replied to the topic Upgrading road discs in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    It might be worth considering buying a bike in the sales, strip the parts you want and flog the rest?

    tbh I’m just considering buying a new bike in the sales!

    Changing cables is fine (20min job) but changing the outers is a right pita because of having to redo the bar tape. Probably my fault for not changing the outers sooner.

    but because…

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  • RicB started the topic Upgrading road discs in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    I’ve got a Giant Defy with TRP Spyre cable discs.

    They were a noticeable improvement on the cantis I had on my previous bike but over the last month they’ve deteriorated and then the rear locked on during a ride. Seems like it’s a common problem, as the cable opening at the calliper end faces upwards, so water tracks in and pools in the cable…[Read more]

  • RicB replied to the topic Gloworm batteries in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    It’s the same fitting as most other light units eg magicshine etc, just make sure you buy one with the correct voltage.

    Torchy the battery boy is one supplier (big_f_d_d on eBay) but from experience I’d recommend MtbBatteries

  • Some good tips above

    Only one I’d add is to tap the caliper when pushing fluid through from the lever, and tap the hose and lever when pushing fluid through from the caliper.

    This helps dislodge any trapped air bubbles. Less of a problem with newer brakes but the older designs (Formula Oro in particular) had loads of books and crannies for b…[Read more]

  • Call me a cynic but….when HD TVs came out the manufacturers were doing everything they could to provide comparator clips to showcase the difference in quality. Likewise when 4K and 4K HDR came out vs 1080p. Content providers did the same, notably Sky with 1080p and BBC/Netflix with 4K HDR

    The fact it seems so difficult to compare hi-res audio…[Read more]

  • Keep meaning to buy one of these but my 9yr old 7p ghetto coke bottle inflator steadfastly refuses to die (I have the trouser leg from some old jeans over it, as it’ll blow at some point!)

    The Giant Control tank caught my eye. Seems better designed re moving/using than the Airshot because it’s designed to lay flat, and has a carry han…[Read more]

  • RicB replied to the topic Budapest City Break April in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Budapest is our favourite European city. Loads of stuff to do and see, and just a really nice ambience as you wander round exploring.

    Also a cheap way to try a Michelin Starred restaurant (half the price of the U.K.). Although ironically my favourite meal that trip was from the canteen in the old market!

    Public transport etc works well, and…[Read more]

  • RicB replied to the topic Madeira Mountain Weather in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    We went recently- the only decent forecast is opening the curtains in the morning. We got drenched on a Levada walk!

  • I’ve found the Race Face PF91 ok, but only if you take the inner seals off and pack the bearings with grease before fitting. I get over a year out of mine this way. Which still isn’t brilliant mind

  • RicB replied to the topic Alps trip advice in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    +1 for white room, it’s pretty much exactly what you say you’re after OP

    I prefer the Rivierabike trails though (Maritime Alps). Fantastic trails with epic scenery plus local Italian food

  • Paramo zips have flaps on the inside to stop water ingress, so abrasion shouldn’t be a problem

    I have a Velez smock in the light fabric

    The big consideration with Paramo (apart from the fact it’s quite warm and heavy) is, as ditch_jockey says, you have to maintain it. If a Goretex-type membrane ‘fails’ it stops breathing but stays waterpr…[Read more]

  • RicB replied to the topic Leathermans in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    IMO the main reasons to go for Gerber were more rapid access to pliers (how realistically urgent is that ever going to be?!) and the ability to open/unlock the knives without opening the tool, with one hand (which can be a problem sometimes)

    Leatherman sorted the second issue about 10yrs ago so I really don’t see any reason to buy a Gerber now.

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