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    You may need to translate the word scunnered for those outside of Fife maybe Scotland

  • Ben Cruachan is 60 miles away

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    East of Scotland this weekend has been breezy but we must have been lucky and last weekend it was slightly breezier with a wee bit rain, the Queensferry crossing being shut for a couple of days was a bit of a pain so kind of feel sorry for those folk getting flooded

  • A cracking walk for a ten year old rather than the plod up the usual Ben track just walk to the top of Carn Mor Dearg no need to do the ridge walk as he is only ten and too much , best views of Ben Nevis on a clear day although still a tough walk , midges might be out in force lower down in the woods

  • Tiger sheds look much better value, £450.00 cheaper, it’s only a shed and easy to strengthen if req’d, maybe better roof felt if it’s economy cheap stuff, better bolts for the hinges

  • Local sheds seem to all be the same price give or take £30, a friend of mine she is looking for a 10×8 I see online Power sheds £230 cheaper, good reviews on trust pilot, free delivery and it canny be hard to build a shed on a level slab base. Must look up Tiger but has anyone on here used Power ?

  • If you drive an old school Mustang or own a Shelby Cobra you will brag about your inches to the power of 3

  • My Systemdek spins either 33 or 45 rpm but I’m guessing the SI unit is just the same but I thought I’d chuck it in and see

  • That is a cracking clip some real characters and the motorized buggy looks just the same as the ones zippin down the high st today

  • Polishing your Whitworths ! after they’re done it will be the King Dick !!!

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    That wee hill in Edinburgh if you tried walking up it today up one of the West side tracks with your new balance pumps with slippy soles you probably would be arse over tit with a possible break, and the temperature up there today maybe 3° but with severe wind-chill , but the views North would be great all the big hills are white

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    I think it’s a case of know your limits, what looks a short distance on a map can take you ages to walk if tired, cold, hungry,wet and the mood has dropped big time . They didn’t even take a map to see where the orange lines are very close almost touching. A walk up to the cic hut would have been great in the storm but even that wearing trainers…[Read more]

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    Ice pick ooooooh and I read the dail mail aye right, did you pick on the Stranglers No More Heroes for using ice pick, no pun intended. Try chopping up logs with your ice axe, crampons and pitons. I cannot believe some folk are supporting anyone not doing a wee bit homework before heading up Ben Nevis whether February or even June

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    I’m always clipped in even though anyone else I’m ever out with on a mountain bike are just on flat things, my xt pedals have not been serviced/oiled adjusted in 25 years and still spin like new, but I will admit I’ve twice had stitches on my left knee due to falls not so good. Never shaved my legs but is it to do with Elastoplast removal?

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    Such phanies the 4 rescued wearing trainers, no maps, ice picks and no commonsense. A bit like the surfer getting battered by the waves over the weekend, I’m guessing he or she survived

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    Ten feet outside the tee box there are loads of discarded tees some damaged many still good , I know they are cheap as chips but a wee bit lazy, wonder if the divots get replaced or leave it to the gk

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    With the stormy weather a walk along the coastline ended with cutting across a golf course. So many discarded tees just lying for someone else to pick up makes me think some golfers probably discard their rubbish out the car window or is it the greenkeepers
    job as the golfers pay their fees

  • I was curious so for the first time ever I weighed how much coffee in my double 19g , 2 scoops of my plastic spoon but none of this scraping it flush maybe that’s my 3 g extra. Here’s hoping it’s within tolerance
    Now my flat white let’s stir up the hornets nest, warmed up mug essential, my double shot, semi skimmed milk 60 to 66°c
    I’m waiting to…[Read more]

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    I had a puncture to sort on the cx bike tonight couldn’t find the tyre levers so resorted to the old trick when I was younger bending the good spoons out the cutlery drawer and getting a toungue lashing from my mum, I bet it’s a lost skill

  • Get some decent beans from Europe, half a kilo sent from Berlin less than £3 postage although the beans are a wee bit dearer than that, great service from The Barn

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