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    If you fancy to know proper information about LED, HID solutions head to http://www.theretrofitsource.com

    If that’s not enough to screw your head right, head to http://www.Hidplanet.com forums. Plenty of Topics from automotive engineers there, be it how reflector housing designed or what is bulb geometry and how it differs in different applications.

  • I’ve been to one, slaughter was Kosher/Halal style. Cows struggle less, but pigs make a hell lot of a scream. Overall abattoir wasn’t that big, more local style but it was managed rather well and tidy.

    I’m not emotionally attached to the food I eat, so no snowflake opinions.

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    Forks got stuck (no travel) and with every bump there is some sort of clunk.

    I will Google RSFSus and see if that helps.

    Haven’t been on MTB scene for a while, no idea about other suspension centres.

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    Help needed

    Tried to repair old Rockshox Reba forks through my local bike shop, only to find out that my forks are too old (2012) and required spares are not available.

    Apparently sram tech center don’t stock any spares. I suspect there could be some BSBingo sales talk from bike shop.

    Problem was, forks were locked and I jumped from the kerb to…[Read more]