• Just taken the cassette off and the lock ring is indeed integral to the cassette. Doh!

  • Arcam Delta 60 amp and Delta 90.2 CD player. Have to turn the volume up and down on the amp a few times when using it before both channels kick in (dunno why, maybe someone can help with that) but otherwise works ok and the sound is still pretty damn good.

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    Brilliant, thanks scotroutes! We have managed to book accommodation for the whole trip (6 nights) which surprised me seeing how popular the NC500 is now. Looks like we are sticking to main roads which is a shame as I think there are some nice alternatives.

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    In June I’m doing something called bikepacking, somewhere in Scotland, NC500 was mentioned. The group I’m going with want to divert to Cape Wrath for a night’s stay at the lighthouse YHA.
    Is this something that needs careful planning? I understand we need to get a ferry to join the track to the lighthouse. Also we really want to avoid being bombed…[Read more]

  • Making a return to XC racing after some 25 years doing just ‘cross. Not giving ‘cross up but want to do more than spend the summer doing the same old roadie runs every weekend. The last time I raced XC I was on a rigid Klein Attitude, now I’m on a Spark RC World Cup! I’m also in the V60 category so its all about fun and making some new friends.…[Read more]

  • I recently changed the sram 12 speed trigger shifter on my Spark to an xx1 gripshift. I’ve used gripshifters for many years and these feel just the same as those of old. Only thing I don’t quite like is that the outer grip that comes in the box butts up to the shifter grip seamlessly. I just like a bit of a ‘step’ between the two so I know my hand…[Read more]

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    Anyone manage to get a podium? Got meself a gong in the SE England champs at Cyclopark in Kent.
    After three bronzes in the V50s I finally struck ‘gold’ in the V60s. OK the field was rather sparse and it might not have been a good idea to beat my club chairman but it was a good day nonetheless. :0)

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    this one gets an airing in our house


  • waves @malvernrider. Coooeyyy! Cardiacs fan me!

    but in the mean time….Crobot

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    National Trophy for me this weekend, my club’s event too. Helped put the course up last Saturday in biblical weather. It’s a little bit different to last year. The steps have been rebuilt and are much easier. The bomb hole has an extra visit with a short but steep drop. I’m told all the ride-able climbs are on gravel. I’m also told the site drains…[Read more]