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    After 4 laps on the hardtail, I realized it felt rather odd as one of the seals in the forks has blown so it’s running on the bottom out bumpers. Did the 4th lap with them pulled up and locked out.

    Then swapped onto the bouncy bike and within a couple of laps knackered the compression damping so they were only running the top 5mm extremely slowly…[Read more]

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    Feeling absolutely shattered here, 13 laps down but a lack of fitness, some knee pain and insomnia the 2 nights before puffer are really taking their toll… The course is finally drying out in places, but is still very hard going!

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    I’ll be there, solo, and taking 2 bikes plus a spare set of wheels with ice spikers… Expecting mud or frozen mud looking at the forecast.

    I’ve never done it before, are mud tyres needed if it’s wet?

  • I’ve got one of those ulefone and it’s pretty decent. With heavy use (lots of Strava, messing on the net, watching videos and using Google maps) I’ve managed to use 80% battery in a day, but usually it’s about 50% in a day with decent use. Currently at 82% battery and I unplugged it at 7am and have used it quite a bit today.

    I got it for £65…[Read more]

  • Can you still get Juliana bars, with a 19mm grip section? If so, you could make or get made some shims to fit inside the clamp and flare the ends out?

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    I’m in as a solo, Ice spikers just arrived in the post today… Not done a 24 hour race for about 15 years so it’s a tough one to get back into

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    Thisisnotaspoon, I similarly was given a bottle of Jamesons… Turns out it’s good in coffee or hot chocolate (just a bit nasty on its own).

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    I’m another fan of adding and reducing a glass of vermouth before the stock goes in. Bacon and pea risotto is my go to easy recipe, but also had success adding roasted squash, crab, sautéed mushrooms, leftover pulled pork or pretty much anything tasty and savoury.

    Definitely make too much for the next day and/or arancini

  • Aldi do them every now and then, about £15 I think, and have velcro in the calves to slim then down away from the chain.

  • On the original point, I sometimes teach food to y7 pupils and there are various reasons for what is taught. Firstly, there will be a massive range of skill levels coming into the lessons. I’ve had everything from 11 year olds who can happily cook a meal to those whose parents will not even let them use a knife or peeler in the kitchen. Then…[Read more]

  • The old smithy in moneyash is a good one