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    Phone a Trek Dealer?

  • I have a McMurdo parka, way to warm for the U.K.

    I used to have one of these and sold it for that very reason. Wore it to work in London once that included a trip on the tube, never made that mistake again!

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    I’m on my 2nd fat bike. Had a Cube Nutrail which was great but I didn’t like the geo too much and then got the chance to upgrade to a Canyon Dude.

    Now that is a seriously good bike!

    It’s also very versatile. I’m building up a set of 29 wheels which can take anything from 2.25″ to 3″ tyres so with the fork travel at 120mm it’s similar spec to a…[Read more]

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    Some friends of mine tried those sausage and filmed the results. Safe to say they were in a fair bit of distress!!!

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    Go to the website Loads of info on there. Get yourself a wireless thermometer with a couple of probes. That’s what I did when I got mine. Doesn’t get used as much as I’d like (wife is a veggie) but never fails to produce amazing food.

    Oh and use weber charcoal brickets in it. They last for ages and give a good, constant…[Read more]

  • These settings are widely available for other makes & models as well (I used them to set up my LG OLED), can’t remember the name of the site I used though

    AV Forums is usually pretty good for that kind of thing. Or at least to show you where to find info on whatever set you have.

  • The Panasonic one isn’t auto-calibrated as such. It just comes with calibration settings that have been setup by leading industry experts. There’s an awful lot more to this (it’s part of my job) but in short, your getting the screen setup to the best of it’s abilities.

    I don’t work for Panasonic by the way.

  • I had a Cube Nutrail, they’ll definitely take a 4.5. I found mine very short in the top tube though so swapped it for a Canyon Dude. That will also take a 4.5 with room to spare, not cheap though but occasionally come up on eBay.

  • Just wait for the edited highlights

    Do Redbull still go out of their way to make spoilers the first thing you see?

  • I’ve always found it to be hugely weather dependent, for obvious reasons. Slight bit of wind and it holds it all up and goes on forever.

  • Fwiw I was working in Dalston when this happened and I saw the aftermath on the way to the train station.

    E-bike or not, it would be a struggle to going be going especially fast in the direction he was heading as it’s slightly uphill and the volume of traffic/pedestrians tended to mean nobody went fast there using any form of transport. He…[Read more]

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    What are house prices like in Dorking these days? Specifically what are we talking about roughly for a 3 bed semi or detached? It is a lovely town and the area round it is great. I live down on the edge of the South Downs National park, 2 miles or so from Ditchling Beacon but always liked Dorking whenever we ride up there.

  • Have a fridge full of alcohol free beer and some of it is indeed very good. And yeah, I’m aware what my intake is compared to your regular guidelines. I’m still just not sure it’s the booze that’s causing it but I guess the only way to really know is to cut it out for a while and check the BP monitor daily.

  • I’ve been reading this with interest. I had an elbow op in the spring and during the pre-op check up, the nurse at the hospital said my BP was high: 150/100. It’s been on the high side for years I mentioned so the fact I was about to have an op was discounted as a reason for it being high on that day. He mentioned I should monitor it and I’ve…[Read more]