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    There was some slightly meek info from the Passport office this week, if you apply now, as in before the end of the month you’ll get red. If you apply in Feb you might get red and might get bleu and soon after it’s bleu until we rejoin the EU.

  • P-Jay replied to the topic Bet that brought a tear to the eye in the forum Bike Forum 1 day ago

    Why the hell did he let go of the bars?

    I fancy he lost grip with his ‘skyhook’ pull-up, add that to near straight arms when the front came down and he’s lost it.

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    Saw “The Gentlemen” yesterday, really enjoyed it. Not a dull moment, really funny too in places. Some great performances, particularly Hugh Grant (never thought I’d type that 😂) Nice return to form for Guy Ritchie.

    I’m glad it’s good, reviews have been pretty harsh, it’s cliched nonsense and all that, but I think that’s what you want from what’…[Read more]

  • Ah, the world is over-populated and most of the people I care about are young, fit and healthy, and I think more importantly, not overly cynical.

    Cynicism can kill, there will be a big push to remind me to take basic hygiene precautions, avoid crowed areas and stay hydrated or some such and millions of cynics will be in the pub saying it’s a load…[Read more]

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    Dead Pets on the road, I feel bad for the pets, but probably worse for their owners wondering where they are.

    Nice people who suddenly shock you with horrible views.

  • What folk are asking for/suggesting is to freeze development at some “golden age” that confirms to their particular ideal.

    Exactly. The bike industry has just made a poor job of all this in the last few years from a customer’s pov so no way would we want to freeze it on what’s around right now.

    Agreed, I like everyone else get cheesed off whe…[Read more]

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    Worst I recall was a meal with two couples, one of whom we barely knew. We put in our share for the (average) meal plus (possibly over) generous tip. Found out later after we left that the ones we didn’t know paid the complete bill minus tip, effectively pocketing our cash… Nope.

    Worst I’ve suffered, we were invited (friends and I, not cou…[Read more]

  • P-Jay replied to the topic Splitting the bill in the forum Chat Forum 2 days ago

    I think there is an element of a gender divide.

    My mates and I go out 4 of us, the bill is £54 and everyone throws in £20 to show how Geez they are. We spent the rest of the night buying rounds, except Mr. short arms, deep pockets who always managed to skip one…. you know who you are.

    My Wife goes out with her Mates, 8 of them, the bill is £…[Read more]

  • P-Jay replied to the topic Giving a longer notice in in the forum Chat Forum 2 days ago

    I’ve seen it before where someone hands in their notice early to try and help the company plan better for their departure, only to have them rebuff them and say your notice period starts today. They ended up with a month unpaid between jobs as a result

    Really, is that legit? They’re effectively sacking you for handing in your notice, unless y…[Read more]

  • OBD

    I’m sure he was a fine mechanic, but I’m sorry to say, I think he’s dead.

    O'l Dirty

  • P-Jay replied to the topic DH cranksets on a budget in the forum Bike Forum 2 days ago

    Can’t argue with Zee or a Sh Saint from someone you trust.

    If I was going to moan at Shimano cranks, it’s if they ever come loose (over loading the pre-load seems to do it) no amount of tighening will ever get them to stay on again.

  • P-Jay replied to the topic New Labour leader/ direction in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    I don’t want Starmer to get the leadership this time around as I think it would be a waste. Everything, even something as patently unpopular and insular as Corbynism, will need to be tried out under another leader just to be sure it really wasn’t Grandpa that was the problem.

    Let RLB have it this time, really show the nonsense for what it is,…

    [Read more]

  • Mine’s all over the shop, it’s still relatively new (to me) and I’m obsessive.

    One a long run without bikes on the roof and in Eco mode it’ll do 55+ mpg no bother.

    just below 40mpg on my usually daily stuff.

    Like it’s owner, it doesn’t like cold mornings, for reasons unknown from Cardiff to Cwmcarn it’ll do 30mpg (with bikes on the roof) but…[Read more]

  • P-Jay replied to the topic Cwmcarn – Which loop? in the forum Bike Forum 3 days ago

    Cafal climb is steeper, but mostly smooth. Twrch is a more technical climb with rocks and roots.

    Descent wise Cafal is mostly smooth, but steeper with some nice drops and step downs (all rollable) it’s pretty loose / sloppy at the moment as a lot of the surface has been renewed after felling.
    Twrch is rougher, but wider and not as steep.

    Both a…[Read more]

  • P-Jay replied to the topic How much to fill up with petrol? in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    The price of Ionity charging for BEVs has just been put up 500%. Yep, thats now 70p a KWhr… so more expensive than to fill up a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

    So, that’s £56 to ‘fill’ a Tesla 3 and you’ll get about 250 miles at motorway speed? That’s V8 territory isn’t it!

  • P-Jay replied to the topic What bike for Morzine? in the forum Bike Forum 3 days ago

    Either, both.

    It’s certainly a place you can use a ‘big bike’, if you have live with dragging them thing around town all week, why not?

  • P-Jay replied to the topic Anti virus for Windows 10? in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    Uninstall whatever trialware crap it comes bundled with. Defender will kick in automatically.

    Run Windows Update. Don’t click on stupid shit.

    This, but updates are automatic now, but go to advanced settings and select “update other Microsoft products” or the like if you run Office too.

  • P-Jay replied to the topic New Labour leader/ direction in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    It won’t be Jo Swinson’s Lib Dems, although it might be someone else’s.

    Any other contenders?

    I think things will have to get even worse for the non-Tories before there’s a fresh approach.

    It’s not a change that can happen in a single government term, it’ll be a multi-generational thing, I mean look at UKIP [spits on the ground] they’…[Read more]

  • I can’t argue with it, I love Shimano cranks.

    Needs 1 very simple, cheap, easy to find tool and a hex key. If you’re not a complete oaf it’s almost impossible to do it wrong. (I’ve done it wrong).

    People used to moan about HTII BBs dying, well maybe, I’d generally get a year out of one, and yeah if I had to nitpick it seems as if they went from…[Read more]

  • I’m sure I took a loan out in 1546, and I’m sure I’m owed PPI…

    It’s of course a moot point now, but “I have PPI, was I missold?” Yes.

    Before I was an IT Consultant, I was a Banker, trust me on this one – every, single, PPI type product was missold.

    I don’t care if you knew exactly what you were buying, it was missold because no one told yo…[Read more]

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