• No doubt handed over with a cheery “I’ve got your Xmas bonus right here…”

  • P-Jay replied to the topic A Hermes rant…… in the forum Chat Forum 2 hours ago

    Are they just completely incompetent??

    Erm… yes and no.

    For my sins I’m responsible for buying in our little firm so I arrange about 4 or 5 deliveries a day for us. We also sub-let parts of our office to people who also take lots of deliveries so I’ve got a fairly good idea of couriers.

    I’d stick my neck out and say that Royal Mail /…[Read more]

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    innocuously stumbled across Dolemite is my Name the other day, thought id stick it on to see what it was like… couldnt stop watching, best film ive seen in ages!!

    been calling everyone/everything a motherfu cker ever since…!

    I’ve been meaning to watch it for ages, but for some reason I haven’t yet.

    In fairness though, I’ve been using MF mul…[Read more]

  • Does anyone actually think leaflets make a difference ?

    I’d say not, if it wasn’t the fact my Gran almost voted BNP towards the end of her life due to a ‘well reasoned’ leaflet, She was a mixed-race, half-Muslim Daughter of an immigrant – first against the wall / on the Boat if they ever came to power.

    I miss the BNP, you knew where you stood…[Read more]

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    They’ve got be be Spenglers grandkids surely

    Oh without a doubt (in my mind at least):

    The Female / Child Lead’s glasses and hair make her look like Egon.
    It’s Egon’s over-alls shown.
    Of course the Actor has sadly passed so makes sense it would be Egon that’s died too.

  • Broadbandbuyer, prices start at 68p for Cat5e any colour you like.

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    Seems the last few ‘woke’ film fans left are taking to Twitter to moan about it. It’s very White / Male or indeed White Male apparently.

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    Goonies vibe?

    I was thinking Stranger Things, but that might be because one of the actors from ST is in the trailer.

  • It’s reading like XT cassettes are cheese the lower 2 gears

    They were for me, I was murdering M8000 cassettes in 6 months (600K or so) of wet, sandy Welsh TC riding. my GX Cassette seems barely worn in 1400k.

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    Looks good, lets all try to forget any Ghost based ‘comedies’ that were released in 2016 like they never happened.

    It’s a sequel, but it’s pretty far removed from the original, new themes, new characters, probably a few nice ties to the originals, doesn’t seem to need to piss all over it’s legacy either, which is nice.

  • Had a Tory leaflet before the GE was even called, but they love me online – banner ads all over FB and YT, I click them when I see them, burn through their budget for them.

    LibDems dropped 2 I think, I’m a bit miffed tbh, we’re a Tory/Labour swing seat where the Libs have never polled more than 5%.

    Brexit Party fucking love me, personal letters…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure it’s that scientific.

    We’ve been polled a few times by various parties, Mrs basically told them if Satan himself came strolling down the street laying waste to souls left, right and centre she’d still vote for him if he had a Labour rosette on, but we still get leaflets from them.

    TBH it seems every other party has given up on us,…[Read more]

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    Still in, even after spending 2 hours shopping yesterday!

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    I might have not viewed all of it, but it seems very lucky he didn’t get a scratch on him, or the frame / forks at the same time as destroying a couple of rims and a set of bars.

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    For me yes, but I’m a user, not a collector.

    I see these guys with McLaren F1s and Ferrari F40s who seal them up in some brightly lit, climate controlled ‘garage’ and never use them, I know they lose a tonne of value if you actually use them, but it seems an utter waste to me, I’d be doing doughnuts on my lawn and taking my kids to school in them.

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    Funny enough, before the advent of pet insurance nobody was told their pet needed £1000 worth of work……

    No, the vets said “sorry, Fluffy has got to go to sleep now…”

    I think there’s probably more than a bit of truth in that, then again I’m sure Cats and Dogs didn’t cost four figure sums either.

    What’s ballpark for pet insurance now? My lo…[Read more]

  • Got into a bit of a mess at Cwmcarn back in the summer that was just begging to become a nasty full-speed OTB crash, just when I gave up hope of catching it, a big grassy bank came into view to my left so I’ve dived for it, it still hurt a bit, but it was a way more comfortable crash that it any right to be.

  • Ours was lax to say the least…

    Most corporates though will look to avoid BIK tax so rules are generally they cover fuel via fuel card, so personal use whatsoever, even if it’s ‘on your way’ so they’d expect it locked and parked at your home when you’re not working.

  • A pedal, right to the ribs.

  • I think the problem is that eBay defaults Fixed price ads to allow offers without sellers really noticing.

    Personally I’ve accepted offers of 90% or higher

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