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    I’m not, but I will be watching it tonight

    Any idea what time it broadcasts? I’ve got VPNs and relatives sign-in all ready to go!

  • Can’t post pics via my mobile.

    But the definitive Rozzer’s motor of my youth was the 24v Senator.

    I remember seeing a Police Escort
    Cosworth on TV, I think it was a Northern Force that had them to chase joyriders. They had slightly raised fronts to skip kerbs and ‘rally’ suspension, whether they meant the standard stuff or they’ve borrowed…[Read more]

  • I’m really surprised you didn’t get any data when driving around all day. which network are you with?

    It’s pretty faultless unless you’re starting with a poor/zero signal, it seems to download the bulk of it when you start, if you pass through a dead zone you lose traffic info, but it still works.

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    Just finished season 2 of Mindhunter. Think Season 1 was slightly better but both really interesting

    I re-discovered Mindhunter a few weeks ago, I watched S1E1 when it was first released and for whatever reason it didn’t work for me, I think it was probably my Wife moaning and chatting through it because she didn’t want to watch it probably.…[Read more]

  • P-Jay replied to the topic Netflix recommendations in the forum Chat Forum 21 hours ago

    The last great film of the decade?

    Hope so.

    Will really try and get to the limited cinema release for this. This cast and story is big screen though.

    3.5 hrs long!

    I can’t wait to see ‘The Irishman’ early reviews have been good, torn between whether the deaging tech is great or distracting and whether it’s an epic or a bit too long.

    I’ve…[Read more]

  • As above, I find google maps is better than Apple’s own Mapapp. I’ve downloaded most of the UK and France, they do make you re-download it every year or so I think, but it’s only a small amount of data relatively.

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    They cut off a steak for me and put it on the BBQ. It was a nice treat, very lean, not a “gamey” meat, but OK.

    I’m no expert, but I once ate a bit of freshly shot and butchered Kangaroo which was similar to how you describe.

    I think most meat you’d get from a butcher is ‘hung’ for a few weeks to mature, also hunted meat is usually from old…[Read more]

  • Did ride yesterday, but cut it short. Even on the mad-made trail we were on it was full of frigid puddles, managed about 15k and called it a day.

    I’ve had a tough few weeks, it’s far better for me to ride Saturdays, my Daughter is in Gym most of the day with my Wife anyway so it gives us Sunday together, but for the last few weeks Saturday has…[Read more]

  • P-Jay replied to the topic Common, public displays in the forum Chat Forum 1 day ago

    I think I’m pretty at odds with the rest of the U.K. on this one.

    I don’t really know what purpose it serves anymore? It’s been twisted from a ceremony to remember those who gave their lives and to ensure we never make the same mistakes again to a nationalistic congratulatory thing.

    Mostly though I’m sick of sad middle age men all having…[Read more]

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    Any NHS workers in the house?

    Seems the Gov are trying to impose Purdah regs on NHS workers. Some of my wife’s colleagues have been asked to remove some pretty innocent tweets about a recent wounds conference, completely unpolitical other than some references to increased need for services.

  • The Superb is basically a Passat with a different badge, oh and umbrellas in the doors 😀

    It’s not really, VW’s platform sharing is more complex now, it’s not 4 versions of the same car with different bumpers anymore.

    I’m sure the new Passat is a decent size but Superbs are massive, it’s also a hatch and Passats are saloons. (I do have umbr…[Read more]

  • That’s one of the news stories that put the willies up me after the test drive. Sheffield is also going into clean air consultation stages and there’s talk of banning vans etc from the city centre. I think the writing’s on the wall.

    Yep me too, I’m not sure if it passed me by, or it didn’t get much national coverage leading up to it (ther…[Read more]

  • I’ve got the same Engine (well technically mine is the slightly revised one with 190bhp) and DSG box in my Superb as the GTD, mine is also 4×4, do that offer than in the Golf?

    Anyway, the box is mint imho, it changes gear seamlessly in Eco/Drive mode, it’s faster but a bit more noticeable in Sport and there’s a bit more of donk in manual mode,…[Read more]

  • I shouldn’t think it’s an issue. I access WA via Opera browser, it has my entire chat history on it even though I’ve never transferred data?

  • P-Jay replied to the topic Red Dead Redemption 2 in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Also, when these games come out, is there often an extra download on the day itself? Reason being is I’m offsite and won’t have access to speedy broadband tomorrow.

    I wouldn’t think so in this case.

    Assume you’ve already downloaded the bulk of it? It’s massive!

  • Like DezB my favourite film changes so much, and if I’m honest I tend to watch the ones I love too much until I start to go off them.

    Star Wars consumed my life as a kid, but Ghostbusters, the Back to the Future films were part of it. Later on I became quite obsessed with Ferris Bulers day off.

    Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas and Forest Gump…[Read more]

  • I wouldn’t imagine you will do, well unless your Intended can buy it in her own name alone.

    I’m also a bit bitter, we’re buying our first place at the moment. It’s £250k, but because we live in Wales we don’t qualify for any FTB allowance.

  • Top / bottom Cafe?

    Anyway, it’s possible to go from the Afan site, to the Glyncorrwg site and bryn bettws completely off-road.

    There’s a low-level Sustrains style bike lane between Afan and Glyncorrwg or you can follow W2 which visits all 3 sites.

  • I’m not an accountant, but I used to work in a practice. I’m also a former Credit Underwriter in the B2B market.

    It happens ‘fairly’ often.

    99% of the time it’s as above, a combination of normal logistical stuff, human error or shit happens. Yes it’s a legal requirement, but it’s not a criminal offence and the fines are relatively small. £150…[Read more]

  • P-Jay replied to the topic Which freeride bike? in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    That sector doesn’t really exist anymore, the Guys doing rampage are pretty much all using DH bikes, the Guys doing Crankworks are using slopestyle and DJ style short travel bikes.

    If you’ve been out of the game for a bit, have a look at Enduro bikes, some of the big ones are now 170mm both ends which is about where Freeride bikes were until…[Read more]

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