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  • A hole would probably allow backwards contamination assuming that’s your drinking water. Also that hole would allow water out in some conditions too I’d imagine. As for breaking the suction you could try a hole first

  • Can’t see the image cause blocked at work but can you fit a breather to the highest point of the overflow pipe to stop the ability to create a siphon?

  • Yeah I’d ruled out Cairngorm from the lack of train up and Glencoe from the long walk from the station, also lack of cheap accommodation at the lift.

    Yeah lack of sleep is my main worry, can’t justify a cabin as can do a all inc france weekend for similar money (can get to London/Birmingham airports easily). Will have to see nearer the time if…[Read more]

  • Anyone done a weekend trip using the Caledonian sleeper to Fort William to get there for ~10am to ski for the day? Not got any holiday left for this season and spotted I can the do the reverse 7pm Sunday evening to get back to work on Monday. This should give 2 days (or 1 2/3 to be precise) of skiing for £145 although will have to sleep in the…[Read more]

  • I was glad when I saw this, he’s one of the most genuine nice guys I’ve ever met (joined us in the pub when we told him where we were heading while doing he was doing some TV stuff in Loughborough)

    We all commented afterwards how nice he was and how it came across that he genuinely wanted to listen to us all and even tried to organise to come…[Read more]

  • Owning a kit car jump leads are standard issue.

    Only had to ask for 3 jumps not in works carpark (about 7-8 there) and always target the oldest car possible as seem to be the easiest and most willing to help. Did have a lady in a Prius offer but after 2 mins we decided we didn’t know enough about what’s what to risk it

  • So point me towards it if it already exists but couldn’t find a 2020 cycling targets thread?

    I’ve been racing cyclo-cross over the last few months but now that’s coming to a close I was looking at setting some targets for the upcoming few months to help the motivation! Was thinking XC racing but busy for most of the announced southern XC dates…[Read more]

  • £45 on a used/missing parts/dirty Raleigh M-Trax 2000 Ti. Sold the groupset, narrow ti bars and wheels for £120 after cleaning so technically I was paid to have the bike.

    I used it as an MTB for years, I toured on it. It was (is in loft at the moment) awesome!

  • I’m sure this has been asked many times, but what is the standard recommendation for insurance cover in the Alps? Not been down for about a decade, but might have lined up a week or so touring out of Chamonix area so best get something sorted.

    Been recommended True Traveller by a few people and now use that, but don’t know of anyone that’s c…[Read more]

  • To answer my own question on MXP care hire with snow tyres – Hertz do a few options where the guarantee snow tyres not just chains so hopefully there won;t be too much of an argument in the airport to get a suitable car! Booked a 4×4 Panda on snow tyres so will keep arguing till they at least give us a 4×4 on snow tyres (and not be fussy over make/model!)

  • Yeah, the Macloed had caught my eye, can be got for £160 and very tempting.
    Mines 165×38 too, tried dropping to 400psi ISP but had read that they can cavitate at 250psi so avoided going that far, might give it a go if you felt it helped.

  • So, long shot I know but got the SID XX and Monarch XX on my bike, these are great sometimes but also truly shocking at other times.

    The monarch seems to be fussy to weather can go from wallowy using all the travel over small bumps/pedalling to near solid barely using 1/3 travel of jumps and back all in a single ride. I’ve had it since late 2015…[Read more]

  • oliverracing replied to the topic Cross 19/20 in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    The Wessex course yesterday was pretty awesome, lots of fun techy wooded sections and lumpy/bumpy/rutted MX course out in the open!

    Did eject my saddle on the final lap so swapped to the the SS monstercross in the pits but otherwise a great race! Legs very achy this morning but I guess that means I went 100%.

    Found the saddle afterwards but…[Read more]

  • Yes there’s some seriously dodgy stuff on aliexpress but also some cheap gold if you search and read enough reviews (the ones where people comment about using not just “it arrived”) you can find some cracking deals.

    My list of stuff bought from there includes…
    -Bars x2 (all good at the moment)
    -Seatpost (ditto)
    -Seat x2 (one great, other…[Read more]

  • splitboards?

    I have a hatred of them even though I’ve never actually used them (I only ski). I was handed one (or a pair?) to wax and edge as a ski tech and was happily waxing away and heard a cracking/splitting sound when scraping. This was a lovely silly light carbon setup, and one of the boards had a proper crack right across the width. I’d…[Read more]

  • oliverracing replied to the topic Cross 19/20 in the forum Bike Forum 2 months ago

    The wessex/Swindon course was good fun – nice balance of unridable mud with a few slippyery off cambers and turns! Was going really well, beating guys that normally beat me but then dropped my chain (first time ever with NW+clutch), got it back on but it sounded rough and then quickly snapped. Did run about 1/5 the lap but soon realised the chain…[Read more]

  • I spent some time looking at accommodation all along the valley from there back up towards courmayeur with key things being parking, a decent kitchen and the right number of rooms and space for teenage boys. As a bonus we’re just 10 min drive from the Aosta gondola and so will do that for some of the days then play the rest by e…

    [Read more]

  • I did see a car hire place that offer a winter tyres option recently cost a fair whack extra though

    Ah yes it was Sixt, from Greonble airport – “winter tyre option bookable”, and extra 14 eur per day. might not be available from all locations

    Yeah France and Switzerland are easy as the winter tyre laws are widespread and enforced – far less…[Read more]

  • Nice plan. I had a blast doing that a few years ago. Where are you staying out of interest?

    Saint-Vincent – seems to have a decent amount of bars/shops but no direct skiing so was pretty cheap accommodation. Did look at staying in a resort but that added £200 minimum or Aosta (for crap weather access to Pila) but that added £100. Our hope is t…[Read more]

  • Yep, you’ll be fine, I’ve collected tickets from different ones to the one I’d selected (and run by different companies)

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