• mboy replied to the topic Chub Club 2020 in the forum Chat Forum 5 days ago

    5lb down in a week, 8lb down since I made a conscious decision on 28th December that I needed to shift the weight off. Have ridden my bike a couple of time, been swimming, been to spin class etc too! Haven’t even really been to careful with what I’ve eaten, yet… Does help I decided to drop the booze for Jan I guess, in fact had one pint on NYE…[Read more]

  • Freestylers – Raw as F**k

    Well worth checking that one out too if you haven’t yet!

    Freq Nasty – Bring me the head of Freq Nasty… Another cracking album.

    Saturday Night Lotion was probably my favourite Plumps album, even though it was a DJ mix rather than studio album.

  • Oooh oooh, me me!

    ANYTHING Plump DJ’s from that era, Stanton Warriors, Evil Nine, Freq Nasty, Adam Freeland, Kraft Kuts (his essential mix 27/02/05 is just pure party music! Amazing!) and many many more…

    Heady days for breaks the early 00’s! Man I miss those days…

  • Add the Wyre Forest to the list

    IN the summer for sure. It’s HEAVY going right now though. Give the trails a bit of time to dry out a bit first!

    Ride up to Ludlow and hit the Mortimer Forest or Bringewood

    My mates ride Mortimer most Sunday mornings now, 9am meet in Black Pool Car Park. Lots of riding there, though it’s steeper than trail…[Read more]

  • Apologies for slightly wordy response… My 2penneth of the Fox 36 GRIP2 damper…

    Not been a fan of Fox dampers for a while, even though I’m above (just) average weight, I’ve always found that Fox dampers (FIT4, RC2 etc.) seem to be designed for fat Americans, or cage fighter build EWS racers, and sod everyone else. The GRIP2 damper came with a…[Read more]

  • mboy replied to the topic Chub Club 2020 in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    I wish I could be 14st again!!!!

    Yeah but I might only be 4ft tall! 😉

    86.1kg- at 5’8″ that puts my BMI close to obese.

    BMI is highly misleading indeed. I’m only 2 inches taller but last weigh in the other day was 6kg heavier so even closer to the “obese” tag line…

  • mboy replied to the topic Chub Club 2020 in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Emailing you now Rob Hilton. I was conspicuous by my absence last year (too much stress to even think about dieting!), but this year I’m back on it for sure… Did well in 2018, aiming to replicate that or better. Was the heaviest I’ve ever been when I weighed myself 5 days ago at 14st7, already lost 5lb in 5 days so…

  • Fast Fords being (easily!) stolen from street corners to be used as getaway cars… It’s like the 90’s never went away!

    Spend 3k on the car and the other 23k on fuelling the best cycling enjoyment for the next 10 years.

    10 years? How boring your life must be! I don’t think £23k would last me 6 months of enjoying myself on a bike…

    Golf r…

    [Read more]

  • What am I missing?

    Just how much modern geometry, dropper posts, grippy tyres and 1x groupsets have opened up the possibilities for most Mountain Bikers…

  • mboy replied to the topic Dry January in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Gonna hit keto and lose the two stone I put on by indulging faaaar too much over the last year.

    Obvs that comes with not drinking as beer is full of carbs, slimline tonic is shite and prosecco is depressing.

    Will take the opportunity to do a bit more XC riding and the weight’ll fly off.

    I don’t miss alcohol on keto anyway – but not looki…

    [Read more]

  • Having a total tyre amnesty owing to my new job role… So have the following for sale… All are folding and tubeless ready. (sorry, not all pictured above, read the…

  • So, for what it’s worth… Tried on several of the suggestions made above, but nothing fits as well as the Smith Forefront 2! So I’ve ordered one… Doesn’t look quite as bad as I remember to be fair, the fit however is the best I’ve ever experienced, almost as if it had been custom moulded to my head shape!

  • mboy replied to the topic New road frame. in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    Either spend a LOT of money on a very high end frame, or spend mine at all. Change for changes sake isn’t likely to bring you any real improvements.

  • mboy replied to the topic Flat pedals 50 quidish in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    Burgtec Penthouse Mk4’s only £64 a pair from Millets right now… Not quite £50, but that’s 36% off nonetheless!

  • mboy replied to the topic Motorcycle helmets in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    I’m a Arai shaped head, Shoei just doesn’t work for me.

    You got a Yankee roundhead then I take it… I’m as lond and narrow and European as they come, hence Shoei’s fit me perfectly!

    But to the OP… It’s ALL about the fit! Almost no point in anyone recommending anything, buy what fits you and is comfortable.

    That said, if you’re Shoei sha…[Read more]

  • mboy replied to the topic Any regrets going Di2? in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    Road or MTB?

    MTB… Quite simply, DON’T! Most bikes aren’t designed with Di2 in mind, and good as it is, it offers little benefit for modern 1x bikes, and now that AXS wireless is here, it’s largely irrelevant.

    Road… Don’t hesitate for a second! It really is the business. Got R8050 Ultegra on my Colnago and it’s awesome, and I’m not a Shimano…[Read more]

  • Haven’t you got this the wrong way round? The shorter offset quickens the steering feel hence why they’re putting them on the more recent long slack bikes. The longer offset works better on a shorter/steeper bike as it adds stability. Or at least that’s the guidance i was given by a bike manufacturer of 63.5 degree enduro style bike recen…

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  • I run a WMF BB on my other bike but I could do without spending £60 on on at the moment if possible.

    Yes, but… Buy a Wheels/Hope and the bearings will significantly outlast several cheaper RF/Shimano BB units, AND the bearings are individually replaceable (stock MR2437 2RS bearings) once you have the unit. More expensive up front, but cheaper…[Read more]

  • 32 front I think, might be a 34.

    I think the issue there, is the reactiv (very regressive damping) shock they used on these. The frame itself has a fair bit of antisquat in the middle ring but it doesn’t feel it. TBF it’s got a lot of marketing surrounding it but to me it’s basically like propedal except better.

    I’ve got to be honest and say I d…

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