• Is that sunshine coming in from the window?

    In Scotland, in October? How very dare you! 🙂

    We’ve had the roof down most of the day! Bit wet as we left Lochinver, but roof down about an hour later, and we only put it back up as we were heading into Thurso just now and it was raining. It’s been 12-13c most of the day, heated seats on and roof dow…[Read more]

  • No pie in Lochinver… Sadly the pie place was shut for winter now!

    We ate at the posh hotel up the hill in the end, very nice food if rather small portions, but well… I could stand to lose a few pounds! 😂

    Have only taken a few snaps with my iPhone, mostly taking using my 50D so will be uploaded when I get home. Just sat in Cocoa Mountain just…[Read more]

  • An amphibious one

    Had the top down all afternoon yesterday, including going up the Bealach Na Ba. Was glorious! It’s bit wetter today mind…

    ignore Edukator, the rest of us do.

    It’s ok, I found some old car tyres and a can of petrol last night, we had a glorious camp fire! Apparently they could see it all the way from Skye…

  • Nice boozer.

    Just walked back from meal and a couple of drinks in it. Lovely place, great food, huge selection of whiskys and gins… Mmm

    Looking forward to the next couple few days now, Lochinver tomorrow night, Thurso Wednesday, gin tour Thursday followed by a night in a castle, then Loch Ness on Friday! Can’t wait!

    And yet you’re still thr…

    [Read more]

  • Just driven up Bealach Na Ba…

    Staying in Applecross tonight, off to the Applecross Inn for some grub in a moment.

    And to all the nay sayers… GF is loving it! Hasn’t stopped grinning yet! 👍🏻

  • mboy replied to the topic Sram Eagle back pedalling issue in the forum Bike Forum 4 days ago

    I had this it was a stiff jockey wheel.

    Stiff jockey wheel also wouldn’t help, nor would mech hanger out of line, worn chain/cassette, all the usual stuff. Sounds like the OP’s bike is pretty new though and I know Whytes tend to ship with a chain that’s too long which also contributes to it.

  • mboy replied to the topic GX Eagle a pile of poo in the forum Bike Forum 4 days ago

    Is it SRAM or me?

    It’s you.

    GX Eagle is fantastic stuff, not being able to set it up correctly isn’t a fault of the groupset, more a fault of the person setting it up.

  • mboy replied to the topic Sram Eagle back pedalling issue in the forum Bike Forum 4 days ago

    Often happens if the chain is too long, and from experience of selling them, Whytes usually come with a chain that’s 2 links too long from experience (dunno why, I guess their factory ordered a load of chains all 2 links too long for some reason).

    But take a pic of it in the 50 first and share it, before you just go removing 2 links, just in case…[Read more]

  • Good choice. I am sure you will enjoy it, we have with ours. Ours has to live outside, & if you do get a cover for it I can recommend this https://cabrioshield.com/uk/audi-tt-2000-2006-premium.html .

    Many thanks. My next port of call was going to be a request for recommendations for a cover, thanks for pre-empting me!

    Best to use OEM thermostat…

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