• Maybe his back garden is on quite a steep hill, so any decking would be more a platform on stilts than a wooden patio.

    In that case a proper brick extension would be better though.


  • Maybe it depends on how permement the decking is?
    Pretty sure you you could rip most decking out like you could do a garden shed?

  • mattyfez replied to the topic End of Windows 7 in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    What cougar said.
    My old laptop is on win7, it’s used very casually as a spare computer and I’m too lazy to bother upgrading it to win10

    But also, crucially, I’d have no qualms flattening it and reinstalling windows if and when I feel the need, as its basically just used for watching films on the train or general Web surfing, there’s no personal…[Read more]

  • Just twist the bar light to angle down when there’s traffic, it’s still visible, it’s not rocket science.

    2k on the bars and another 1.2k on the head seems slightly rediculous if they are true figures…

    unless you’re in the middle of nowhere. That’ll dazzle anyone and cause night blindness whilst thier eyes recover and could quite easily cause…[Read more]

  • Sigh…

    He’s only a 6kg dog, three or four raisins could potentially be enough to cause a severe problem (if he’s susceptible) from what I’ve read.

    Of you have any scientific info that I’ve somehow missed, please share it.

  • I can see it being unofficially hijacked as a party for that “other thing” happening that night.

    Whats happening on the 31st?

    Swinging /dogging at poopscoops local?

  • As part of life?

    I don’t think clinical negligence is part of life.

    To be fair to our vet (after inducing vomiting) they gave us the option of sending him home with charcoal food additive to clean his gut up, or to stay in and have the full treatment as if toxicity had already been diagnosed.

    In the end we went about halfway, and would have…[Read more]

  • @dirksdiggler yes he’s 3 now, I just still call him puppy lol.

    @sandwicheater this is he



    Not going to get into a debate about whether vets rinse insurance companies once they realise they’ve got good cover.
    I’m kind of on the fence on that one in this particular context as grape/raisin…[Read more]

  • mattyfez replied to the topic End of Windows 7 in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    A) Not realy.

    B) you can probably use your Windows 7 key to activate Windows 10, which you can download free from MS.

  • Thanks for all the replies.

    Well we made the decision to take him home this evening as his initial blood tests were fine and apart from being stressed at staying at the vets and having an IV thingy put in for fluids.
    It’s been 24 hours but I understand it can take up to 48 hours if there’s a problem of this veriety to manifest.

    He’s going…[Read more]

  • He’s not got his final blood test for renal issues yet but it’s looking promising.

    I’m also well aware that 2 nights sleeping over at the vet will (and has) upset him probably more than needed.

    It’s just difficult to know what to do for the best sometimes, so he’s having the full traumatic detox away from the cats and his house for a few days…[Read more]

  • Maybe I did overreact, I dunno.

    Is it a vet con? I’ve done a lot of reading online about this and it seems it’s hit and miss as to how bad it can be as the culprit chemical/compound/toxic mechanism hasn’t been established properly.

    I can’t find any consensus.

    I suppose worst case scenario is he’s looking ok so far…

  • My own fault (I’m a ******* idiot at times) , was eating some malt loaf and a tiny bit dropped on the floor.

    I’ve previously read that grapes raisns/currants can be quite toxic on some dogs, and of course the dog chomped it up at lightning speed.

    So straight to the vet where they administered an injection to make him puke, overnight stay last…[Read more]

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    The effect of this is that the employer has a responsibility to ensure not only can breaks be taken but that they ARE taken.

    Not sure how that would be practical, in the case of my problem guy, he was a big guy, body builder with an attitude to match.. I wasn’t going to lock him out of the office for his breaks, all I could realistically do was…[Read more]

  • mattyfez replied to the topic Smoking break vs Time in lieu in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    I had a problem guy once, team of 8 on an IT help desk.

    Basically had a gentleman’s agreement that they could take thier breaks whenever suited them as long as there were at least 2 people at the desk, or if a major incident was running then they don’t take a break until things settle a bit(as TL I didn’t really care who did what as long as there…[Read more]

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    In terms of windows memory management, it will use what it wants *up to a certain level

    For example my gaming system (which is a pretty clean system in terms of running processes) will idle/surfing at around 3.8gb used ram, I’ve not checked how much it’s paging.

    Fire up a big game and that will shoot up to 10+gb.

    I once had really choppy…[Read more]

  • mattyfez replied to the topic Laptop advice in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    4gn is OK for home office/surfing activities as said.

    I have 3 machines:

    Old i5 laptop, 4gb ram, old fashioned HDD.
    It’s fine for traveling with light office work, surfing etc. (once it’s booted up or woken from sleep or which takes a min but it’s only used occasionally/casually.

    Work machine
    Slightly newer i3, 10gb of mis matched ram from…[Read more]

  • More interviews will get you into the swing, bapsism of fire and all that.

    I also found the ‘be my interviewer’ video’s helpful, they ask all the hard questions, I felt like a bit of a dick talking back to a video, but i found it very helpful for confidence and awkward questions.

    Have a look at this series of videos and try to get an answer for…[Read more]

  • Dunno if they are cup and cone, these will be for a nice set of wheels, upgrading from a current dt350, which is fine if a bit portly

    I’d go for the 240 then, if funds allow.

  • 340 or a hope option would be better value IMO.

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