• Ignoring the bleeding gums, I went to my dentist with something similar, only to have him diagnose sinusitis.Sure enough a pill or two later the incredible ache, which had manifested itself in my jaw in my opinion, had gone.

    Obviously might not be this at all, but with sniffs and snivles around at this time of year, I figured my experience was…[Read more]

  • manvstarmac replied to the topic Chilly bottles in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    I remember many years ago when Beckham played for Man Utd and got a Thermos from Victoria for Christmas. Fergie was asking him about it and David was extolling the virtues of something that could keep “hot things hot and cold things cold” (you’ll have to do the accents in your own heads). Anyway Fergie asks him what he’s brought to trainin…[Read more]

  • Just about to check it out now, thanks

  • That alerts you to films whose reviews you enjoyed making it to your local cinema, or onto a streaming service/dvd.

    I’ve lost count of the number of reviews I’ve read in the press, or actors I’ve seen on talk shows, to then never actually seeing the film. I’d love a way to log it and have it notified, without adding to my “he loves an XL grid”…[Read more]

  • If you really want something a bit different, but incredibly interesting, try BBC’s

    Tara and George – Series exploring the lives of two people in their late 40s who sleep rough in London’s Spitalfields

    It was originally on R4 i think and I’d be interested to know what others think of it.

  • Thanks for people’s thoughts

  • My mum does woodcarving as a hobby. She wants some Kevlar gloves for Christmas, but when I googled some options, she couldn’t tell from photos which ones she was after.

    Are there any woodcarvers who can tell me what features I’m looking for and which I should avoid, or don’t need.


  • In response to the post above, it’s not me, but was a question posed by my daughter.

    And it’s not her desperate to change her friend’s mind. In my original post I phrased it as “ My daughter is desperate to get her friend to understand the choices she has.”

    The headline is mine, so it’s probably fair to read into that that I don’t think she’d b…[Read more]

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    In my experience Rights of Way officers at the council used to be great at checking ROWs and chasing landowners where they were becoming or had become obstructed. However budget cuts have meant they are only really able to keep on top of key ROWs in my area (they grade them gold, silver and bronze) and it’s not worth reporting anything other t…[Read more]

  • My student daughter has a friend in a low paid zero hours job. She rents her house and struggles to pay to keep the car she needs to get to work on the road. She feels she’d be better served by a Johnson government and is planning to vote conservative.

    The EU referendum saw plenty of similar stories where people’s votes appeared to be ‘tu…[Read more]