Jonathan Hewitt

  • josslad replied to the topic Airshot or something similar in the forum Bike Forum 2 months ago

    I used an Airshot for a long time and it worked pretty well. Eventually I opted for a modest compressor as re-pressurising the Airshot after failed attempts at seating tyres became rather tedious. I still have the Airshot though and it comes in handy on road trips.
    Also, running large volume 29er tyres asks quite a lot of the Airshot.

  • Wholly agree with letitreign and z1ppy. I ride a 135mm trail bike and a 150mm ebike and the extra travel is very necessary in my mind to accommodate the extra weight. I wouldn’t go higher, though. Riding a Levo, I have to admit the new Kenevo caught my eye but I decided it was too much bike. That’s only partly due to the travel, as I’m sure…[Read more]