• Managed 5 1/2 years out of an X01 cassette, despite covering a LOT of all weather Peaks miles. That said, I changed the bottom sprocket twice, and I’ve gone through god knows how many chains and rings.

    Got 5 years out of the mech. Unlike a lot of people ^^, I seem to find SRAM mechs far more robust than Shimano ones. The 10s XT ones I had used to…[Read more]

  • JonEdwards replied to the topic Any Porsche Cayman owners ? in the forum Chat Forum 7 hours ago

    986 Boxster S owner here, so basically the same thing except in a slightly older dress with no roof.

    I believe early 3.4s are the ones vulnerable to bore score (and it is a proper problem), unlike the IMS bearing which seems to be more internet panic than a truly common issue.

    Also check brake hard lines (under passenger sill especially) and the…[Read more]

  • I’ve spent a bit of time on the previous version, and yes, its a very fun bike. However unless you’re spending most of your time chucking it down or off silly steep stuff – try a Soul as well. The Bfe corners a hair more stabley (slightly lower BB), but the ride quality of the Soul is hands down better for general punting around. Whilst I wouldn’t…[Read more]

  • A photographer called c.lilianmarlen keeps coming up on my insta feed. Lots of steel erectors in New York.

    Sure there’s more hi viz and there’s harnesses, mostly for show, not actually clipped to anything, but its basically the same process then and now. Blokes playing with giant mecchano, big spikes and hammers up in the sky and very little…[Read more]

  • JonEdwards replied to the topic Flat pedal curious in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    I chop and change between clips and flats depending on ride/mood/terrain/weather. Took me a long while (and many shin punctures) to get used to flats though, having started using toeclips 6 weeks after leaning to ride a bike.

    Easier to play with the bike on clips and easier/lazier on high speed rocky stuff, much better for hard, limit of…[Read more]

  • My winter roadie jacket is a windproof front and sleeves, breathable back effort, a bit like a Gore Phantom. Its not actually Gore Windstopper, but something similar.

    I’ve been noticing this winter that its distinctly less warm than I remember it being and having just tried blowing through different bits of it, some areas (sleeves especially and…[Read more]

  • JonEdwards replied to the topic Ski resort/chalet advice in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    I’ll put a shout out for The Goat Shed in Les Arcs. On the map, the location makes It look a bit remote, but they’ll shuttle you up to the lifts every morning then collect you from the bar in the evening, so it’s almost ski in/ski out. Very easy access to the Vanoise Express, so the whole Paradiski area is available (some of which is pretty high)…[Read more]

  • Get it warm to soften the loctite then an eaziout, as linked above, should bite nicely into the (ally?) bolt.

    Or a left handed drill may work it out as it’ll try and unscrew it as it cuts.Probably needs more care to avoid knackering the crank thread though…

  • For sale Most of the build kit for a Genesis Flyer SS/Fixed – bought the complete bike off here for the frame set. Genesis 0.2 Bars (44cm) and stem (100mm)…

  • For sale:- 2 pairs Easton Carbon riser bars – both the same shape, 685mm wide, 20mm rise, 9° sweep, 31.8 dia. One set is labelled as EC70XC, the other as…

  • You’ll get a (lack of) wear line on the ratchet because there’s a corresponding notch in all the pawls where they don’t rub on the ratchet.

    Me, I’d file any burrs off, clean and regrease it and see what happens next.

  • As it says really – wanted – a pair of something like DMR Motos or Halo Twin Rails in 26″ please. Cheers.

  • So long as the thread on the QR axle goes all the way through the threaded bit of the nut it’ll be fine.

    (in most cases for max strength, a thread needs to be engaged by its own diameter into a nut – eg a 5mm bolt needs a 5mm deep nut. If you’re dealing with an alloy nut on the end of the steel QR axle, you’ll want a bit more penetration to…[Read more]

  • I’m planning a new build based around a pretty subtle/non-descript coloured frame which I’m thinking about blinging up with a lashing of Hope anodised gewgaws – purple or orange.

    Now I tend to keep my bikes quite a while and they get a good beating – it’d be a shame if in a couple of years time, all the ano bits faded into insignificance. Back in…[Read more]

  • Old Five Ten Guide Tennies (that won’t quite die)
    Bridgedale socks (don’t own any non-bike socks that aren’t Bridgedale)
    Prana flannel lined jeans
    Sainsburys keks
    Rapha merino baselayer
    Rab fleece
    Mountain Equipment gilet

    Hmmm… I resemble that remark!

  • JonEdwards replied to the topic Show and tell …. Fixies in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    Have you looked at Condor? Not cheap these days but a Tempo would fit the bill I think?

    Had a Pista for nigh on 15 years, did tens of thousands of miles on it, but it rusted out earlier this year, swapped the frame and forks out for a s/h Genesis Flyer setup, which has the advantage of proper guards, but the ride quality is no where near that of…[Read more]

  • JonEdwards replied to the topic Bromptons….. why? in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    Litte wheels = really good acceleration. They’re also so short that they carve really well in traffic. Mine had an incredibly tall top gear too, so once you were wound up to a proper cadence you were carrying some proper speed.

    Mine was a little bit faster on my cross London commute than my fixie, but the fixie is SOOO much more pleasant to…[Read more]

  • Depending on where you ride / tyre width 23 psi would be on the low side for a hardtail on the rear in my opinion.

    Again, this (subject to what size Forekaster it is – a 2.35 or 2.6?)I’m over 15kg lighter than you and run Maxxis 2.3s but at more like 28-30psi and still dink the crap out of the rim. I just treat them as a (long term) consumable,…[Read more]

  • Yup, leaky caliper seals. I’ve got the same calipers on my winter bike. Back lasted just under 2 years and I got replaced under warranty, the front (now 3 yrs old) is also now leaking.

    You can fudge the issue by dragging the relevant brake down a decent hill to get the pads and rotor b*st*rd hot, but its far from ideal and that moment when you…[Read more]

  • I really enjoy my fixie. Been riding it for nigh on 15 years now I would think now, so its pretty instinctive. Does take some learning, and I tis possible to fart and pedal, you just need to focus… Off road forget it – singlespeed is shite enough. Climbing is fine (within the limit of the gear), but I agree big descents are hard work. As a…[Read more]

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