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    As someone said earlier, I think they’re more of an alternative to road riding, rather than MTB.

    Yeah, I’d say so.
    The point above about roadies on Dawes bikes offroad, the RSF or 650B french bikes often comes up but it’s the attitude that’s different. Though there’s some cross-over in use, ATBs came from Marin klunkers and ATB-MTB has m…[Read more]

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    Rotational moment of inertia is mass times radius squared, so spin speed only cancels out one of the squares.

    OK, well I’ll not claim to be grade A with mechanics so correct me if I’m wrong here. MOI is is only part of the energy changes in a rolling wheel – total energy in a rolling wheel is rotational + linear energy, rotational energy part…[Read more]

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    Litte wheels = really good acceleration

    Light wheels = really good acceleration, to be a pedant geek : ) Small wheels have to spin faster so the size bit cancels out and only weight really matters.
    And tyre pressure, but agree with

    It’s funny and against general consensus it appears, but I hate the tings at 100PSI – very skittish and har…

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    They really aren’t fast. Sorry : ) The suspension squats/bobs under power and those tiny wheels don’t roll very well. But the suspension does smooth things out and they are a nippy (sketchy) ride that encourages speed and acceleration so between the lights I do find it easy to get a decent speed from it. Over a longer distance, 25-30 miles was my…[Read more]

  • Bez, the steps internally in the HT will be where it’s reamed, is that the part you mean? The team is post weld and heat treat as they can distort a bit up to that point, the team should get it back to where a headset cup fits and the bearing goes in ok. The seat tube, it’s 0.05 over where it should be and a bit of movement in the process adds to…[Read more]

  • Arkose 1 2015 Joytech D342RCC EV264869
    Arkose 2 2015 Joytech D342RCC EV264869

    Hi Martin, this is the info for the 2 Arkoses that used Joytechs in 2015 but the freehubs are out of stock now.Joytech D142DSE uses the same freehub if that helps locate one anywhere else? tbh I’d pop a Shimano in there or a Shimano-hubbed wheelset.

  • I got some 5mm neoprene 3-finger diver gloves a couple of winters ago. OTT most of the time but they work at below freezing and in sleety conditions, for longer than you’d want to be out. Lobster / 3-finger / trigger type gloves are the best plan if it’s properly cold.

  • Boot bananas? Not tried them, just saw them in the BMC mag this month

    Winter Sports Moisture Absorbers

  • our infallible government deciding to regulate all bicycles because a few deliveroo-ists turned their BSO’s into twist ‘n’ go death chariots, isn’t the craziest notion I’ve heard lately…

    I really don’t see this getting past DM front page frothing and it’d have to be a really quiet week. Since licensing or registration of regular bikes is un…[Read more]

  • ^ steel bearing cup so the bearing should sit OK in there, will have a look at that if it comes my way via the maze of the return process.
    Seat post, the bikes were made around the same time and we’ve got them reaming them 0.05 closer now, but if the shim+post combo’s not a good fit there it’s more likely to be an issue on an XL too.

  • I just don’t want my quiet, lovely sport to be regulated until it’s no fun anymore.

    Worst I can see happening is licenses and insurance for e-bikes. There are moves (in EU, Motor Insurance Directive, but could apply to UK sales brexit or not) toward compulsory 3rd party insurance for e-bikes but from what I’ve read, it seems those involved wit…[Read more]

  • ^ Bigger 29er tyres have come out since that frame was put together, it was a B+ / 29 x 2.4 spec then. The CAD file says the chainstay has 78-80mm clearance at 350mm from the axle, down to 72-73mm at 360mm from the axle. A big but not 2.6-huge 29er tyre will have the edges/shoulder ~360mm out, so a tyre that’s 62mm there should have approx 5mm…[Read more]

  • any idea if there is a plan to offer the 2020 frame only option?

    Yes, due on stock any day now, but probably not at £100 ; )

  • Would it be suitable for the Arkose X (2018) front wheel?

    If it can be adapted or fitted to a 100x12mm thru-axle fork, it’ll fit your Arkose fork which is 100x12mm. The thru-axle you have will work with a new hub of that standard.

  • What’s the chainstay length, may I ask?

    Oh yes, missed that. 440mm.

  • Is it still being marketed as an all rounder or is it more trail focussed?

    Marketed as a trail hardtail really. We don’t really maket ourselves too well whatever we say about it : )
    Matt B got really into BikeCAD after he started in the Pinnacle dept (dept.. there was 3 now 4 of us). He made the ‘Radmin’ layout and we got a couple made as an…[Read more]

  • XL frame is a bit over 1.9kg and the fork is a bit over 1.6kg.

    Have a 1300g fork weight here but the XL’s steerer may account for some of that. Hope all’s OK on the build.

  • Ramin geo for a Med –
    450mm seat tube
    470mm reach
    650mm stack
    805mm F-C
    65 HTA static 130mm fork
    75 STA
    £725 and £925 specs, this is the £925 in ‘colour flip’ metallic and gloss black

  • Spoke to Evans and they apologised, but it won’t come with a shim.

    They don’t sorry, no – these frames were bought in for warranty service but not used. 31.6 post fits but the full bikes were shimmed down to 27.2. Use a long shim if you do, the bikes came with 100mms.

  • Been impressed by Marathon Mondials 47s on my Jones. Not super tacky or anything like that but really tough, smooth on road with stable blocks and good amount of rubber contact, pretty good all-round, even work OK in mud.

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