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  • jairaj replied to the topic What portable bike washer? in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    By caravan pump spray, do you mean the cheap Ebay/Amazon ones? Similar to what Kayak posted above?

    The Worx is much more powerful and cleans off claggy mud stuck in tyre treads much quicker than my Ebay special. The Ebay special I had to hold right up to the tyre to shift the mud with the Worx hydroshot it cleans out the tread from my normal…[Read more]

  • jairaj replied to the topic shock setup advice please in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    Assuming the compression adjust is in the setting with lowest amount of damping. I’d say your thinking is correct about the volume spacer making the end of the stroke harsh.

    Try taking a tiny bit of air out and running just a bit more sag. It’s a very easy change to make but also the spring curve is usually non-linear at the end of travel so…[Read more]

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    Can’t stress this enough… keep your heels down! It magically makes your feet stick to the pedal!

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    Oh not sure Hamilton would beat LeClerk easily. He would definitely win but I think he’d have to push hard. LeClerk might also play the role of 2nd driver better if he was teamed up with Hamilton.

    It must have been hard for the Ferrari management making LeClerk toe the line. Seb had a rubbish season with mistakes and races where he was…[Read more]

  • jairaj replied to the topic Stans Crest ok for XC? in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    I had crest mk1 wheels many moons ago in 26 flavour. They are more than up to the job of light weight xc duty, I hammered them up and down rocky trails in Wales, Peaks and lakes for many years and they were straight as an arrow. I’d even say you might even want to think about going for the next lighter rim that Stans do?

  • Agree with comments so far, hot hatch or fast estate is the way forward if you don’t want to draw attention to the car. Depending on the model etc they can look very similar to standard car and once debadged would make it even harder to spot its a fast one.

    Take the Golf for example, there’s many different “fast” variants of it (GTi, VR6, R32…[Read more]

  • I have the following one:


    Found the image quality pretty good. The picture is sent wirelessly to your phone which is used as the screen. The app while a little clunky is fine to use.

    I hardly use mine, if I can find where I put it you are welcome to borrow it.

  • If I’m throwing my 2p in …

    I have similar views to Poopscoop, the disadvantages with a longer crank are either increased pedal strike and or uncomfortable knees or leg pain.

    If you’ve used 175 before and it works fine and you feel trying something else might be too risky then stick with the 175.

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    Skills day will certainly help and take the guess work out of it so you know what you are trying to achieve, how to correctly make it happen and you can work on a consistent technique.

    Even as a wheels on the ground rider, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to do short ones that will get you over a pot hole or branch on the ground. Which…[Read more]

  • jairaj replied to the topic Wrapping presents… in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    I’m terrible at wrapping presents so I always just buy one of those fancy glittery paper bags. Stick present inside and bit of sticky tape to keep the top closed. Done!

  • The only really difference between ski jacket and other activity jacket is the snow skirt that stops snow getting inside the jacket from below. If you are not going to be skiing n powder or usually ski within your ability and don’t fall often or ever. Then I think the snow skirt is a little redundant for you.

    I get super hot when I exercise or…[Read more]

  • Echo what others have said, smaller diameter wheel and taller side profile is in line with common wisdom but not always required. Double check in the car manual what is the range of correct sizes.

    205/60/R16 is 2.4% taller than original which is on the taller side, I think normally you want to keep difference no more than 1.5%. If you can get…[Read more]

  • jairaj replied to the topic Winter or All Season Tyres? in the forum Chat Forum 3 months ago

    Nope but the performance of a winter tyre in warm dry conditions is much reduced to that of a summer tyre. So while you may not carving up a twisty road like Lewis Hamilton but maybe you need to do an emergency brake and you don’t stop in time. Sure the difference in performance is not as bad as summer tyre in winter conditions but it is considerable.

  • I want to stick my CD collection onto a hard drive, maybe a NAS and then stream that to a normal analogue amplifier.

    I’ve seen dedicated boxes from Bluesound and NAIM and others that will take the CD, rip it with error correction and neatly store it on a hard disk together with album art and names and title etc.

    Now I know I can do this with a…[Read more]

  • Does Google Maps do offline routing now? It’s been a long while since I tried.

    Don’t know if Here Maps works with Car play, I’ll try out it tomorrow when I’m in the car (I prefer Apple maps).

    But you can download the whole of UK and other countries and it will do routing offline without access to the cloud.

    I keep it on my phone as a back up.

  • Thank you for the ideas thats a good selection of different things. I’ll have a look at what she has already and pick something appropriate.

    Also had a crazy idea, is a hip flask at that altitude a really stupid idea?

    Not sure if a little drop is OK/nice or in those conditions you risk loosing too much body heat?

  • She’s generally a very outdoorsy person so has lots of outdoors clothing but doesn’t have lots of gear and probably lacking in mountaineering kit as she’s only done a few of these trips in the past.

  • Hi All.

    A friend of mine is going to do a mountaineering trip to climb Aconcagua and I would like to get her a gift but I’m not sure what.

    Boring option is to give her money to spend on what kit she wants. But I’d like to surprise her with something so don’t really want to use this option but will if that means she’s gets something genuinely…[Read more]

  • Take a look at Revolut and TransferWise.