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    If you’re the interviewer:

    Is there anything I’ve not asked you about on your CV or past work that you’d expected me to, or you’d like to talk about?

    (sometimes you miss something good, or the candidate hasn’t put something on the CV that turns out to be relevant once they know more about the role).

    If you’re the candidate:

    Are there any areas…[Read more]

  • Normally:

    Item cost + shipping
    * Duty (rate depends on item)
    * VAT (20%)
    + courier handling fee (normally about £8)

  • Hmm Chinese carbon is an interesting option – do you have a link to what you have, or where you got it?

    I get the attraction of SS cassette hubs, if I need to go boost I’d try find one. If I can stay 135 I’ll keep with my american classics – nice and light and I find them very reliable. I think the big flanges build a nice stiff/strong wheel too…[Read more]

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    As above, you get m.2 sata drives and m.2 NVMe drives. Different interfaces and different key types on the slot.

  • PF30 frames – good idea, but hard to search by BB standard, any recommendations here? Some sort of spanky XC race thing might float my boat.

    Boost etc – my preferred SS setup is normal free hub and spacers, I have some very nice wheels on american classics, normal spacing, so ideally I’ll keep using those. That said, if I need to go boost then j…[Read more]

  • That’ll be cos flat is the most annoying terrain for SS.

    Going downhill you spin out then can cruise, going up hill you crank harder, get up faster – it’s fine. Long flat stretches you either go real slow (and fall behind on group rides) or maintain a punishing high cadence that kills you.

  • Dropouts are probably the one thing I don’t want to shift on!

    The juice looks good.

    So far I think the list looks like:
    – Soma Juice
    – Brother Big Bro
    – Pivot Les

  • If you don’t care about the image it’s a great bike.

    For sure, my current frame is a voodoo, but it’s had a lot of use over many years and is getting pretty tired. Already had the bottle bosses come loose three times and next stage will require drilling them out to attempt to replace them which might end in tears, hence looking at options.

  • , I suspect the Chameleon might actually be quite a fun option

    They come in big enough sizes, but it’s not an XC bike really. I’m sure I’d like how it rides well enough but it’s not what I want for my SS. I like something a bit fast and dangerous that feels like it might have me if I’m not paying attention. Doesn’t need to be “capable” f…[Read more]

  • What you want is s Stooge

    Nah, i want spanky fast rather than “capable” and also “one size fits all” will never be right for me – I’m in the 99th percentile for height. From a quick look at the geo chart I’d be on a stem the wrong side of 100mm to make that fit right I reckon, and suspect end up sat somewhere odd with a long enough post.

  • Slotted dropouts are a PITA.

    I agree, I don’t want those!

    I get there are some tensioners that are probably ok, but better than a tensioner is no tensioner. Current frame (voodoo Bokor from 8 years ago) has sliders that also move the disk mount, never any bother at all ever. Easy to remove the wheel, takes about 20 seconds to tweak the t…[Read more]

  • Stantons are horizontal dropouts not sliders. I think some people are misunderstanding the distinction. I want nuts and tensioning screw not just a slot.

    Shand is not a bad shout if I’m feeling spendy. Though once I’m up near custom frame money my problem’s a different one, it’s one of choice isn’t it?

    I’d discounted the various PF to EBB type…[Read more]

  • Size wise, XL or XXL in most stuff (I’m 6’4” and like bikes that fit. 23” seat tube on my current SS). A large rooster is too small.

    I’ve had SS with tensioners in the past, and run bikes with various front rollers/guides. All at some point cause issues, proper sliders never have for me in years. I have horizontal with tugs on the commuter,…[Read more]

  • To address some replies:

    – tensioner. Nope. I want a SS not an unreliable bodge. They just don’t work as well as proper dropouts. It’s not a puncture issue either, I should be easy to tension, align brakes correctly without adjustment and never slip.
    – modern geo/1x/dropper post. Got one of those thanks. And my SS is 1×1 with a dropper post ;-)…[Read more]

  • Just deeply unfashionable? I’m looking for a replacement for the inevitable death of my current frame:

    – 29er in BIG frame sizes
    – XC geo, 100mm fork.
    – sliding/swinging dropouts or maybe EBB, I don’t like horizontals/tugs.
    – ideally non boost so I can use nice wheels I have, but that’s just a cost issue more than anything.

    All I can see is th…[Read more]

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    12 years since visual voicemail was introduced, they’ve not done it yet so doubt they’re going to.

    Who’s leaving voicemail anyway?!

  • OSX / MacOS is basically Linux

    I mean this could be a trap for pedants, but they say technically correct is the best type of correct so..

    … it’s Darwin not Linux kernel based – a BSD derivative.

  • Oh and if 16gb isn’t enough for work down the line, well it’s work – sell it on buy a new one. Do you think you’ll be worse off than if you’d spend the +400 now and kept it a bit longer before doing the same. Probably about evens… (i.e. compare depreciation cost against up front).

  • On the RAM – I think 16Gb is generally fine unless you know why you need more. If you have almost any specific reason at all to think you might need more ram, go for it.

    On the mac vs pc – I could make the same argument the opposite way round. My argument would be macs are no good because they only make cheap low end ones*… depends what you’re…[Read more]

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    I’m not saying I bodge it, I do try, but my wrapping has been described as a “crime against humanity” by one recipient so perhaps needs some work…

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