• Whatever you do with Schwalbe tyres, make sure they’re proper “Evo” versions and not the rubbish “Performance” versions

  • I dislike it when a good song/tune with a long middle instrumental is edited to fit a three minute radio slot. I suppose its single vs album track.

    Plenty of examples of this, but also plenty of examples where songs get needlessly extended. IMHO, the 7″ single version of Elephant Stone by the Stone Roses is a great example of less is more – a…[Read more]

  • @dc1988 What length fork were you running on your BFe? I had one of the 853/631 models with the straight small headtube (I think that’s a MK2…?) and ran it a few ways round. It was a pretty decent all-rounder with a 140mm travel Revelation – had a lot of great days out on that bike. The later iteration with a 160mm travel Lyrik was kinda fun,…[Read more]

  • @Clink I’m 5’11” on a medium with 50mm stem – tried medium & large back to back on the demo loop from the Cotic unit. Both felt good going up and going along, but found I really struggled to weight the front when descending on the large.

    I’d highly recommend trying both (and possibly also seeing if you can get them to try some stem lengths)…[Read more]