Name GrahamS
About Me Born a weegie (but the nice middle-class type), currently living in a little village in Northumberland. My riding these days is limited to commuting, road rides, or family pootles. Not been "proper" mountain biking at all in past couple of years due to a volatile combination of time, dodgy back, babies, lack of nearby mates and sheer laziness. But I still hang around here like a bad smell, mainly because I enjoy the banter. Software Engineer (geek) by trade. Interests: photography, snowboarding, beer, onanism, and arguing for hours with people I've never met face-to-face. (Helmet Compulsion: No; God/Deity: No; Climate Change: Yes; Segregated Cycle Paths: Yes; Right To Ride: Yes; Vehicular Cycling: Yes; Cyclecraft: Yes; RLJing: No)
Location Wylam, Northumberland


Email graham AT (put "STW" in the subject to avoid my spam bin)